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Mini Travellers is packed full of useful family travel tips. Whether you’re looking for ways to keep your house safe while travelling, or you need to know how to renew a childs passport, we have you covered. Here are some of our handy posts below:

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Passports and money

Do you need to renew your childs passport? Here’s everything you need to know about child passport renewal.

So how does the New York CityPass work? And perhaps more importantly is the New York CityPass a good fit for you and your family and will it save you money?

WeSwap is a prepaid travel card service that lets you change money into foreign currency by swapping your money with other people. Instead of WeSwap using money from a bank, it swaps your money with real people in other countries directly. Here we consider if it is worth doing.

  • How to Stretch Your Summer Holiday Budget!

The summer holidays might seem like a far cry from the wet winter weather we’ve been experiencing recently, but despite this, it’s never too early to start planning for your family’s summer getaway!

Flying with Chickenpox

Safety, medical and insurance

If your house is going to be lying empty while you are abroad, we have some top tips to keep it safe while you travel.

Going away with the little ones can be an unforgettable experience, but you can never be too careful. Security experts at Banham have pointed out that thieves can tell if you’re away on holiday in an article on how burglars target houses. These “tell-tale signs” can turn your home into a very attractive prospect. To make sure your house remains safe and sound while you’re on your travels, here are some practical steps you can take.

At just £4.99 with free delivery these Little Life Safety ID Straps are a bargain, and mine wore these every day we went to the theme parks.  A simple design that is comfy to wear, with space for your name, your child’s name and a number. 

About a year ago we were sent a product to review called the Easylock. You fit the lock easily into a hotel door and it means it can’t be opened from the outside and without knowing how the Easylock works you can’t open it from the inside easily either. Hence we could open it but the girls couldn’t.

Just as with having children, there really isn’t anything holding you back from travelling during pregnancy, as long as you use some common sense and plan ahead. Here are four essential starting points for any mum-to-be.

Nyamirambo Women's Center | Umutima Co-operative Kigali

If you are heading to a destination where taking malaria tablets is advised, this post is about buying Malarone from Asda.

When you’re travelling to a country like Rwanda where Malaria and Yellow Fever exists, preventing mosquito bites is essential. It’s not something you wonder if you can get away without doing, it’s a basic morning, afternoon and evening ritual.

We have just recently returned from a fantastic two week trip to Rwanda in East Africa. Insect repellent wasn’t a thing we packed out of choice or comfort it was an essential requirement to protect us and the kids from mosquitos that could have had malaria or yellow fever. 

This isn’t going to be the most interesting list I have ever written, but every year I write a similar list about what toiletries/medicine/creams/potions etc that I need to remember to take on holiday, so this year I thought I’d write it down here and then share it in case it’s useful to others.

So why am I so obsessive about making sure we have Dioralyte with us when we travel. It’s because unfortunately the combination of different foods, different water and different ways of cooking things, together with the heat, can sometimes lead to diarrhoea and dehydration.  

Flying with Chickenpox
Can you fly with Chickenpox?

I get quite a few queries about whether you can fly with chickenpox and I’ve heard about quite a few travel disasters involving chickenpox too. Get the low-down here about about flying with chickenpox and chickenpox generally.

There’s an often overlooked aspect of car safety for which there’s a simple solution. A ‘dog guard’ is a barrier which sits between the boot and the rear seats, halting the progress of items in the rear of a car in the event of an accident. Despite its name, it’s certainly not just for pet owners, and can be one of the most important accessories you ever fit in your car. Especially if you’re carrying a child in a rear-facing seat.

This blog is about family holidays and days out with your children. It is about having fun and spending time with your little ones. It is usually just about smiley faces and sunshine and snow.  However as lots of us will drive to those days out, with our children in car seats in the front or back of the car, this post is about being safe getting to those days out.  It is about asking yourself the question ‘Are your car seats safe enough?’

I get asked quite a lot about travel vaccinations for children.  What we do about them? What travel vaccinations do they have? How do they feel when they’ve had them and where do we get the travel vaccinations done?

One of the questions I get asked a lot is what suntan lotion do my kids use when we are on holiday and what ones do we recommend?

Solar Buddy

Solar Buddies have been designed as roll-on, mess free and reusable sunscreen applicators.  Top up with a sunscreen of your choice. Child Friendly and invented by two South Wales mothers who were worried about how their children would be able to independently apply sunscreen in school to protect themselves from the sun, so they decided to do something about it.

Garnier Amber Solaire have now designed the Easy Peasy Kids Range which includes the Wet Skin Lotion and Anti-Sand Spray. This product allows sun cream to be absorbed into the skin without  sand sticking to the skin. 

When I was younger and I went on holiday I didn’t worry too much about how much I was wearing my lenses or my glasses. However this all changed when I had the children and they started running about round the pool, then it was essential to be able to see.  I mean you can’t just wing it when you have kids and water and the sea or the pool can you? It’s important to be able to see at all times!

The last couple of times we have been away I have been swapping between my glasses and my sunglasses every time the kids asked me for something, so when I was asked to review a pair of prescription glasses from, I thought it would be a fab opportunity.

Ferry across the Mersey | Family Day Out

Journeys and transport

Mistakes get made, nature takes its course and disaster strikes: the result is that every now and then flights get delayed. There are a number of different things you can do in the event of a severe flight delay.

Holiday Extras help to make your journey abroad easier with arranging things like parking, lounge access and speedy security. This post tells you what we thought of it.

The kids area in Heathrow T5 is located in the main Terminal 5A lounge, after you pass the security checks, near Gate A7 which is to the far end of area A in T5. It is just one of the many things British Airways have introduced in T5 in conjunction with Heathrow Airport including a special line at security so you shouldn’t have to stand in the queue for so long.

Are you going on a family biking trip? If you’re not sure how to carry bikes on a car, or you have a particularly large family and you need to carry 5 bikes on a car, then this post is for you.

As most people will know travelling with young children can mean taking a lot of stuff. We have tried flying and found it difficult to take all the luggage we want to and deal with the kids on the journey so we prefer to drive our own car. We chose to take Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, France.

On our trip to Brittany in August we took the slow ferry to France from Portsmouth to Caen and the quick ferry back from Cherbourg to Portsmouth here is what we thought of both options.

DC Super Heroes Swimwear from Zoggs

How to create a an always packed beach bag!

Have you ever wondered what to take with you on a beach holiday to get sand off your feet after a day at the beach? This tip really works!

A flip flop alternative with arch support by Aussie Soles UK.

I’m sure we all know that DC Super Heroes are not just about boys and that Girls can be Super Heroes too, in fact I wrote a full post about that a while ago.  But Zoggs have just launched a new DC Super Heroes swimwear range with products for women, men and the kids, and it includes Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman products for all the family.

I’m sure if you’ve read this blog for a while you know that we absolutely love Bobux trainers.  Over the years we have had sandals, bootsschool shoes and trainers, lots and lots of Bobux trainers. The reason I keep writing about them, and honestly I’m not obliged to keep writing – is because we genuinely love Bobux trainers. 

The shoes you have with you for kids need to suit all sorts of scenarios and that’s why I love the Keen sandals.

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