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We love holidays here at Mini Travellers. In fact we love to travel anywhere and everywhere from Greece to Disney to Wales to the African plains.

We love staying in tents, safari lodges, 5 * hotels and villas, motels and airbnbs. We will give anything a go from mountain tops to beachside resorts and anything in-between.

Karen and her family have been running Mini Travellers since 2014 when the children were 4,4 and 5, now aged 12, 11 and 11 Mini Travellers aims to prove that whilst trips now require a whole new check list of essential items and not just a passport, hand luggage and a credit card; anything is possible!

Mini Travellers is a multi-award winning travel blog which is designed for parents of children of all ages looking for ideas for holiday and days trips. According to a reader poll Mini Travellers is “authentic and always enjoyable to read” and is “one of the few travel blogs that has covered Disney and Rwanda and a caravan in Wales in the same 12 months!”

Please do get in touch we always love to hear from readers or brands who’d like to work with us.

So who are we?
About Us www.minitravellers.co.uk

Mid 40’s travel obsessed Editor of Mini Travellers


Over 40 year old (!) travel obsessed Chief Photographer to Mini Travellers

About Us www.minitravellers.co.uk
Lily born in 2010 (12)

In charge of our family and our missions!

Isobel and Eve born in 2011 (11) who complete our family.

Identical twins who may look the same but are very very different

Sarah Christie

Sarah who also writes two other blogs  Extraordinary Chaos Family Travel and Lifestyle Blog as well as Cruising For All has also joined the Mini Travellers team.

Sarah married to Chris and with two boys now 17 & 22 is not only travel obsessed but also brings strategic direction to the Mini Travellers team. We would be lost without her.

Sarah Christie

If you are a blogger we would love to hear from you and help push visitors to your blog (We will always publish your twitter name and blog URL with any post).

If you are a brand or a PR we would love to hear from you too.

You can contact us on email:


If you have content that you’d like to discuss that doesn’t suit Mini Travellers why not take a look at our lifestyle blog Fuelled by Latte.

PR & Media

I have worked with a number of brands since I started Mini Travellers in June 2014:

Malawi Tourism Group

We worked with Karen on a family visit to Malawi in 2018. She was an absolute pleasure to work with when setting up the trip – always quick and friendly in her responses and never demanding. The resultant exposure from the visit was remarkable and vastly exceeded our expectations. Karen produced a huge amount of Malawi content that she has shared regularly on her various platforms. Particular highlights were all the various videos, including a wonderful one covering the whole trip that really captured the essence of the country. We continue to share that across our own platforms.

Mr Kelly White, Kamageo

Emilia of Mark Warner says:

“We have loved working with Karen as part of our blogger outreach programme. Her creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm have been invaluable in helping us to grow our relationship with bloggers and develop our strategy. Karen and her family have been great ambassadors for Mark Warner and their great work has helped us reach a far wider audience.”

Debbie Bennett of Bennett Public Relations Ltd says:

“Thank you for running the competition – much appreciated and it looked great – it has been a delight working with you it really has!”

11 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hello karen

    I hope all is well with you and your three girlies.

    Hoping you remember me, Clare aldwinckle, tallies cousin is my Hubble henry and Julia’s good bud. Thought You might be a great starting block as trying to sort out large family holiday (possibly a cruise ship). Have you had any fab top tips?

  2. Hi there!
    Very interested in travelling to Italy with hubby and my 3 boys who will be 9, 7, 4. They love beaches, swimming, slides , pizza and ice cream. Which campsites would u recommend? Looking something with a bit of life and nice accommodation. Coming fromNI so will prob need to fly. Thanks

  3. Hey Karen,

    Came across your site whilst finding help for jet lag!! Ha ha

    Can you help with the following?

    We have just come back from Colombia on Thursday night. Our little one who is 6 went to bed at 11pm UK time ( COL was 6 hours behind ) and woke at 11am!!.

    Now, the second night, she has been awake all day and it’s 1am and she still isn’t tired. The day after next she is back at school!!!! Apart from trying to knock her out ha ha ( joke!!) Do you have any suggestions?. Just let her sleep when she is tired and wake her early so she can go to bed normal time for school??

  4. Hi there,
    I was advised to look at your wonderful page, filled with so many amazing days out, holidays and festivals.
    I was wondering if you had any advice on help I could get to assist our little family with attending different things when your on a low income. Holidays, days out or anything.
    My husband has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has just finished his chemotherapy, and are hoping to spend as much time making memories with our 2 children, Olivia (5) and Sophie (15). This memory making is a little difficult after both of us having to give up work for his treatment and me to care for him. Ive been looking everywhere for some assistance to I suppose ask for help, funding and reduced things so that we can still go and do things together. Many charities have an extensive waiting list for help, as well as reduced access to funds.
    And I wondered if there was anything you could point me in the right direction of that would perhaps assist with this or similar.

    Many thanks and happy Monday from Sunny Scotland.

  5. Hi,

    I hope this message finds you well. I’m reaching out because I’m interested in contributing an article to your website.If so, what is your process for submission, publication and the costs involved?

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Best Regards


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