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Travel Tips: Little Life Safety ID Straps

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At just £4.99 with free delivery these Little Life Safety ID Straps are a bargain, and mine wore these every day we went to the theme parks.  A simple design that is comfy to wear, with space for your name, your child’s name and a number.  They are adjustable and come in bright colours and the kids never once complained about wearing them which they would have done had they itched or rubbed etc.

At 4 and 5 mine are probably at the end of the age that you ‘need’ them as when they are older you can write your number somewhere and tell them to tell someone if they get lost. If however they are younger the likelihood is that they would be too distraught if lost, to tell the person who finds them that your number is written on their shoe, on a piece of paper in their pocket etc etc

The added (and unforeseen to me) benefit was that it made the girls feel safe when we were in the parks.  The few times we hadn’t put them on before we left they actually asked for them.  They understood that the theme parks were busy and they wanted to wear them. It reassured them that if for some reason they did get separated from us, they would be able to ask someone to call us.

They are water resistant too – and although they did wear them in the water parks we realised we didn’t have our phones with us! Parental fail!

In my view these would be useful for any parent visiting a busy place with their kids. The beach, a museum, a theme park etc!

NB We were sent these in order to review but all views are my own.

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    1st May 2016 at 2:56 pm

    What an excellent idea!

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