Symphony in the Stars and Illuminations?

Symphony in the Stars and Illuminations at Hollywood Studios and Epcot at Walt Disney World

Is it possible to watch both Epcot’s Illuminations and the new Symphony in the Stars fireworks on the same night? The answer is most definitely yes you can; because we did.

This answer is slightly disingenuous because on the night we saw the Epcot Illuminations at 9pm, we could only watch Symphony in the Stars and not hear it. However from our viewing spot at Epcot (right between Mexico and Norway and incidentally an excellent spot to watch the Illuminations) you could then see Symphony in the Stars across the lake when they started up at 9.15pm.

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For my 4 year olds who didn’t really like the noise of the Illuminations and certainly wouldn’t have liked the incredible noise of Symphony in the Stars it wad the perfect viewing spot. All the incredible display without any of the loud bangs.

For those of you that love fireworks there are (in my opinion) no better fireworks than Symphony in the Stars at Disney at the moment. The Star Wars score that the fireworks are set to lifts your heart and everywhere you looked people were smiling and humming away. An essential for any Star Wars fan and a reason to keep visiting Holloywood Studios in this time of transition.

If you haven’t yet seen Symphony in the Stars take a look!

However when you can watch Symphony in the Stars at 8pm you may still be able to do both and hear both.

If you watch Symphony in the Stars from the Epcot Boardwalk, you would then be able to make it to Epcot Illuminations for 9pm. Whatever you decide, make sure you do watch them both though – and if possible do try and hear them too!

Symphony in the Stars and Illuminations at Hollywood Studios and Epcot at Walt Disney World

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