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Travel Tips: Contact Lenses Delivered Abroad!

Travel Tips: Contact Lenses Delivered Abroad!

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When I was younger and I went on holiday I didn’t worry too much about how much I was wearing my lenses or my glasses, and as I only really had to worry about getting up and sleeping/reading a book by the pool I didn’t need to worry about seeing anything!  However this all changed when I had the children and they started running about round the pool, then it was essential to be able to see.  I mean you can’t just wing it when you have kids and water and the sea or the pool can you? It’s important to be able to see at all times!

Looking after kids on the beach

I have glasses, I have sunglasses and I even have prescription sunglasses, but I am most comfortable in my lenses.  I have my contact lenses on repeat order and get 3 months in advance but what usually happens is that just before I am about to go away I realise I am low on lenses and need new ones.  I have also, once, been in the horrific situation of getting on holiday and realising that I didn’t have my lenses with me! Argh!

What I was thrilled to find out recently was that if I am on holiday and I have forgotten my lenses, or I’ve run out. I can actually order them online from Vision Direct and if I am in a European destination they could reach me in 2-3 days. They will actually ship to Canada and the US too but the speed of the European delivery service really shocked me, I mean they would arrive in a useful amount of time!

My next thought was that they might be able to get them to where I was but it would be horrifically expensive.  Not so, apparently worldwide delivery starts from just £4.98! Who knew!

If you want to see the really cute video Vision Direct created about it, (it’s got pugs in it) it’s here!

NB: This post has been created in collaboration with Vision Direct.

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