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Do I have confidence in the Konfidence Baby Swim product brand? Silly question: you bet I do! Here are some of the fabulous products that I sampled during our trip to Puerto Soller, Majorca:

Konfidence Aquanappy

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This aquanappy comes in 9 different designs (we went for the oh-so-sweet strawberry one) and is a steal at £9.99. The most brilliant thing about this product is the one-size -fits-all-ness making it a real bargain. It is for use for babies around 3 months to around 30 months (you obviously need to exercise some discretion here, depending on the size of your cherub – Tabitha, being only 5lbs 10 when she was born, would have been too teeny for this nappy at 3 months) and works because there are poppers and Velcro on each side fastening meaning the Aquanappy can be adjusted to fit your child’s expanding waistline. The literature boasts that no other layers/inserts or disposable swim nappies are required as the nappy contains all “little accidents” within its triple layer design. However, not having a washing machine handy in the room in our hotel(!), we did use a disposable swim nappy underneath the Aquanappy. We loved how cute Tabitha looked in this, how easy it was to use, the fact that it is eco-friendly (its middle layer is made from re-cycled PVC) and re-useable (for a good couple of years) and that it is superb value (my husband being a Yorkshireman, this really matters!!) Love it Konfidence: we will be using this Aquanappy for swim lessons and holidays for months to come.

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Konfidence Roll & Go Baby Changer

We have all been there, trying to change our baby into their swimming attire in the sopping wet changing room, or by the side of the pool. Bad times. Enter stage left: the Roll & Go Baby Changer, in an effort to make the changing experience a less scream-filled one. It is a cushioned neoprene mat with a non-slip back that you just roll out onto the floor when you need it (I became a pro at doing this one-handed while holding Tabitha in my other arm). It rolls up just as easily and fastens with Velcro when you have finished with it. It was a great size for changing a baby and was very transportable – we just stuck it in our beach bag each day – because of the lightweight, rolled-up design. It was invaluable on holiday but has been equally useful for Tabitha’s swimming lessons each week. However, I do think that compared with similar products, it is rather pricey (at £9.99).

Konfidence Baby Swim Products

Konfidence UV Sun Protection Hat

This legionnaire-style hat was brilliant for keeping the sun off Tabitha’s head and neck while she played or was in the water. The large peak provided her face with shade (a must for our Tabitha because she sneezes in the direct sunlight) and it was so light she barely noticed she was wearing it. It has a five-star sun protection rating, offering 98 % protection from harmful UV rays, and an SPF of 50+ which all provides you with great konfidence (see what I did there?!!) for your child’s safety in the sun. The hat can be worn in or out of the water (I found it to be incredibly quick drying) and retails for the bargainous price of £7.99. Personally, I would like it to have straps which tie under your baby’s chin because Tabitha is still of an age where we can’t explain to her (or bribe her) why she needs to keep it on. Unless we popped it on while she was distractedly splashing in the water, it was instantly yanked off and thrown on the floor in disgust!! However, I appreciate that there is probably a health and safety reason as to why the product does not have an under the chin tie. If not, please do make one Konfidence!!

Konfidence UV Sun Protection Suit

Watch this space for my review of this fabulous product in August.

Konfidence Poncho Towel

I feel that I have saved the best for last! I think I am a little bit in love with this product. It made our lives so much easier on holiday. I have mentioned previously about Tabitha’s aversion to changing and this has only continued as she has grown older. This hooded towel was a life-saver for us because it could be put over her head as soon as she got out of the pool and she could be dried instantly using the towel and she even used to sleep in it, it was so cosy (see picture). Unlike so many towelling products, there are no sleeves to fight chubby wet arms into meaning that getting out of the pool or sea is a much happier experience. The Poncho Towel is nice and fluffy (even after a few washes) and keeps the chills away when your baby comes out of the water. The sleeveless design means that the Poncho Towel will fit Tabitha for a good few years to come, confirming it is fabulous value at £9.99. For me though, it was priceless and worth its weight in, well, towels! I am so grateful that it will last lots more swimming lessons and holidays to come.

Konfidence Baby Swim Products

Do check out the Konfidence.co.uk website for full details of these, and many more, super products. I think that Konfidence should be loudly (rather than quietly) confident that they are a leader in this field.

NB: Fiona received the Konfidence products in order to review them but all her views are her own.

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