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Amazonas Ring Sling

Baby Wearing!  With my first child (now 6!) I had never even heard of the term ‘baby wearing’. However, 5 years on, pregnant with my second, the phrase seemed to be popping up everywhere! So what did we think of the Amazonas Ring Sling?

When my best friend presented me with a gift of a Moby Wrap when my little boy was born last year, I was interested but I will have to admit, a little daunted about how on earth this long bit of fabric was supposed to safely support my son! A few lessons, practice with a teddy bear and a number of weeks later, I was a convert! It was convenient, comfy and most importantly, I felt like I had ‘hands free’ to support my oldest child whilst knowing exactly where my baby was and that he was safe and secure…

As the months progressed, I continued to ‘baby wear’ and couldn’t believe how calm and contented my little boy was. This was most certainly a revelation for me as a mum! However, the honeymoon period had to come to an end and at around 8 months, my little boy started to turn into a complete wriggle bottom and by the time he reached 11 months he had worked out how to complete a carefully executed sequence of moves to allow himself to break free from the wrap. I was gutted!

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I spent the next month trying out my friend’s rucksack carrier, which was great, but not a patch on the convenience of the wrap. I needed an alternative and with our first trip to the Geronimo festival coming up, I realised I needed an alternative.

The Amazonas Ring Sling was available from Amazon through my Prime account and therefore arrived the day after I ordered it. When it arrived, it looked bright and colourful; something I was happy to be seen wearing, it was also a colour which appealed to my husband too which was an added bonus! A brief glance over the instructions had be confident I could use the sling without too much difficultly, a quick experiment with one of my daughter’s dolls reassured me even more!

After packing for the festival, I didn’t have a chance to try out the sling before we went away, this was a little worrying, but it turns out I needn’t have been so concerned!

The ring sling can be set up for the wearer and pretty much kept in the right position when sliding it on and off. You place the sling over one shoulder, with the rings at the opposite side to the hip you want to carry baby on. Baby slides down into the ‘pouch’ of the sling; starting with baby over the same shoulder and then sliding him down your body so he is nice and safe. The sling then needs carefully adjusting so it sits under the bottom of baby with hips nice and wide, spread around your hips, thus allowing baby to be ‘sitting’ in the sling. You then pull the fabric through the sling (this bit takes a little getting used to!) to make sure the sling is tight enough for both you and baby to be comfortable without you needing to feel that you have to hold onto baby whilst in the sling.

I found wearing the sling really comfy and my little one was nice and snug, he enjoyed being carried both with his arms over the top of the sling (free to grab pretty much anything within reach!) or snuggly wrapped up in the sling…the material also meant that both of us were cool on what turned out to be a rather hot day!

So my baby wearing journey continues! I am not sure how long it will be until he learns to play Houdini and escape this one, but for now and for a fairly reasonable price, we have a new sling – watch this space!

NB: This is not a sponsored post, just a review submitted by Rachel a happy customer.

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Rachel lives in Telford in Shropshire and is Mum to her little girl aged 7 and little boy aged 2.

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