21 of The Best Baby Carrier Reviews by parents!

Review of the Tula Free to Grow Coast Carrier

Here at Mini Travellers we’ve been fortunate to be able to try out a number of baby carriers and so have loads of other parents out there! Here we’ve put those reviews together on one post so you can compare them find out which one is the best for your needs. Here they are in alphabetical order.

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This carrier is a 5 position buckle sling carrier, suitable from birth to 2 years+ and enables baby to be breastfed while on the go.

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It is worn over one shoulder, and fully adjustable. You can sit your baby in one of 5 positions – depending on their age. BabaSling is suitable for babies between 3.5kg and 15kg. There are a huge range of colours available too.


We were sent this review by Tina from MotherGeek.

Photo from http://www.babaslings.com/


Photo from Mini Travellers BabyBjorn One & One Air Carrier

Mini Travellers has this review of the BabyBjorn One & One Air Carrier. Both the One and the One Air models allow facing inwards, facing outwards, back carrying, 0-3 years.

The Baby Carrier One was also reviewed by Julie from PonderingParenthood.com and she has included lots of fabulous pictures that show the carrier from every angle. The Baby Carrier One Air was also reviewed by Sophie from SophObsessed.

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One Outdoors was reviewed by Kate from RedefinedProse.

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Active was reviewed by Michelle from WhatMummyThinks.

Baby Bjorn We Carrier was reviewed by Michelle from WhatMummyThinks.

BabyBjorn We Air Mesh was reviewed by Emma from ReadyFreddieGo.

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Mini

Photo from ThroughAmisEyes

This is a popular carrier for babies age 0-12 months. It allows front facing inwards and front facing outwards. It is always good to get a range of perspectives on a product before you buy so check out these Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Mini reviews by Petra from AMumReviews, Hayley from DevonMama, Leanne from ASliceOfMyLifeWales and Ami from ThroughAmisEyes.

Solly Baby Wrap Review

Out of the six different carriers that Kristin from Parenthood Adventures has tried, have the Solly Baby Wrap has been one of her consistent go-tos.

Chicco MyaMaki Carrier

The Chicco Myamaki Carrier is multi- positional : parent facing from 0m+, hip position and back positions from 6m+. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable. It has been acknowledged as a ‘hi healthy’ product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. The padded waist and shoulder straps ensure the right distribution of your baby’s weight across your back, which is a life saver, so no backaches for us and it comes with a newborn insert , which is super soft and padded.

Unconventional Kira

Kira from Unconventional Kira shared her review of the Chicco Myamaki with us.

Photo from Unconventional Kira

Close Caboo NCT

Photo from TantrumsToSmiles

The Close Caboo NCT adjusts to fit all shapes and sizes so is very versatile. With the Caboo, your baby is fully supported from the top of their head to the base of their spine and to behind the knees. Suitable from newborn, the Caboo has a weight range of 2.27 to 14.55kg (5-32 lbs) and is made from Certified 100% Organic cotton.


The Close Caboo NCT was reviewed by Jess from TantrumsToSmiles.


The Connecta comes in three different sizes – Baby, Toddler and Preschool. You then have a choice of standard or petite straps.  The size of carrier you use is dependent on the size and age of your baby (you can find more information on the Connecta website here).  The choice of straps is dependent on the size of the wearer.  If you can try out different sizes before you buy, you can get an idea of what suits you and your baby best. With the Connecta, you can put your baby is two positions – on your front and on your back.


From SomethingAboutBaby shared this post with us about why she loves her Connecta.

DollyDowsie also reviews the Connecta Integra (a special edition range). The Integra is suitable for babies from 3.5kg to 16kg (7.5lbs to 35lbs).

The Connecta Integra is also so simple to put on. I was worried about having a lot of different straps and bits and pieces to connect, imagining myself spending hours beforehand actually trying to get the baby carrier on before leaving the house but I found this so easy to put on, I actually got it right first go!

Photo from DollyDowsie

Ergobaby Aura Wrap

Emily from EmilyAndIndiana shared with us her YouTube review and tutorial about the Ergo baby Aura Wrap.

Ergobaby Baby Carrier

Keeley from VibesLifeUs reviewed the Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh.

The Cool Air Mesh maximizes ventilation, with the aim of keeping both baby and parent cool. The Omni 360 is not a narrow base carrier, so all 4 positions that the baby can be carried in have an ergonomic position that ensures the baby is safe and comfortable. This is achieved by the adjustable bucket seat. The Omni 360 bucket seat allows you to adjust the size easily by velcro tabs, that are clearly marked. If you’re looking for a carrier for a newborn (providing they are at least 7lb) there is no need to buy a separate insert. Another win for this carrier is that you’re able to breastfeed whilst wearing. 


In addition Emily from EmilyAndIndiana reviewed the Omni 360 All-in-One version.

Ergobaby’s newest design, the Ergobaby Omni 360 All-in-One has been designed to be used in all positions – growing with you from day 1, until your little ones reach 20kg. From newborn you can use the parent facing front carry, without the need of any extra supports or inserts. From 5 months you can turn baby around in the front carry position, and then from 6 months you can even use the hip or back carry positions.


Freeloader Child Carrier

Photo from Mini Travellers

The Freeloader Child Carrier is specifically designed to support carrying children aged 2 1/2 and upwards on your back. The maximum carrying weight is 80 pounds/36kg. When ordering the carrier you’ll need to take some measurements of your back so that you can select the right size. The Freeloader comes in three different sizes and all the straps are adjustable so it can be worn by most adults. The Freeloader Child Carrier is compact and lightweight (when your child isn’t on it!) and the child’s seat folds up when it’s not being used.

Mini Travellers

iSwaddle Wrap

I think the iswaddle wrap being made from a super soft cotton blend helps Nila feel as snug as a bug. Retailing at £14.99 i think the iswaddle wrap is an absolute bargain and would recommended to any baby wearing parents out there, old or new


Here is was reviewed by Kira from UnconventionalKira.

Photo from UnconventionalKira

Izme Baby Carrier

Photo from ThatLancashireLass

The Izmi Baby Carrier is made of washable, quick drying lightweight fabric, and freedom that comes from the multiple carrying positions available, ensures parents will find their baby’s comfort zone. They can carry them on their front, side, or back.


This review was shared with us by Karen from ThatLancashireLass.

Emily from EmilyAndIndiana has also shared her review of the Izmi Baby Carrier with us.

Suitable from birth until walking (7-33lbs), it has been designed to adjust and grow with your child as they do. It has also been designed to be hip-healthy, which is the best possible way to carry your little one (as well as being a lot more comfortable for the wearer too!).


Izmi Toddler Carrier

Wendy from NaptimeNatter reviewed this carrier.

The Izmi toddler carrier is a soft structured buckles carrier. You can use the Izmi from when your child is around 9 months (or 17.6lb) , right up until they weigh 60lbs. There are 3 different ways you can wear your toddler in this sling: front carry, back carry and hip carry. The Izmi is ergonomically designed so your child is positioned safely for their growing back and hips and is well supported.

Photo from NaptimeNatter

Jane Travel 3 Positions Baby Carrier

Photo from TheCoastalMummy

The Jane Travel 3 Position baby carrier comes in 4 different patterns so there is plenty of variety, whether you are picking for a boy or a girl or if you don’t yet know the sex of the baby and want one that is perfect for either. When you carry your baby to face your chest they can feel and hear your heartbeat, giving your baby a sense of reassurance. The carrier is suitable from birth to around 12 months or 3.5KG to 9KG.


Rebecca from TheCoastalMummy shared this review with us.


Photo from TwoHeartsOneRoof

KangaWrap is a Fairtrade, not-for-profit baby wrap. It is cool (according to the manufacturers) and lightweight, weighing only 0.5kg. There are no difficult straps or buckles and it is suitable for infants from birth to 15kg. Chantel from TwoHeartsOneRoof shared her review with us which has a lovely insight from her partner Jon.

Kari Me Sling

The Kari Me sling is basically a long piece of soft stretchy cloth that wraps around your body to create a secure place to carry your baby hands free. The sling is available in 7 different colours and with it you get an easy to understand instruction booklet that shows you the five different ways to use the sling with helpful stage by stage diagrams on how to put it on. The Kari Me has the potential for use up to the point where your body can no longer carry the weight (and where your little one is no more than 3 years of age, 15kg/33lbs) and therefore should be the only thing you need in terms of a sling. 


Michelle from WhatMummyThinks wrote this review of the Kari Me sling.

Kiddy Adventure Pack

Photo from TheLadybirdsAdventures

The Kiddy Adventure Pack appears quite big at first but at just 2.8kg it’s very lightweight. It is suitable for children weighing 7.3 to 18 kg. The pack is well designed with padded straps and a waist belt that help to spread the weight, making it really comfortable to carry. It’s really quick and simple to adjust the pack for different adults which is great if you want to share the work of carrying a toddler on a day out.


We were sent this review by Claire from TheLadybirdsAdventures.

Mamaruga Zensling

Photo from SomethingAboutBaby

There are so many pros to this carrier – it’s comfortable, so soft and squishy for a newborn, it’s quick and easy to put on, and the buckles were so easy to adjust.  The body of the sling is also adjustable so is perfect for finding the right size for a newborn, but also easy to adjust for bigger babies too. 


Abi from SomethingAboutBaby shared with us her review of the the Mamaruga Zensling.

Slumber-Roo Beco Soleil V2 Carrier

These are some of the things that GoingOnAnAdventure loved about the Beco Soleil V2:

* The hood
* The fact its easy to pull tight on the straps
* I’m not slim but there’s still plenty of room on the straps for someone bigger to wear it.
* The pocket on the front is so useful for keys, mobile and a few quid!
* The wide waistband really spreads the weight evenly across the hips – there is no strain on your back at all
* Toy tabs – such a useful addition
* The carrier itself is really light (just 1.5lb)
* The weight range is huge – from 7lbs to 45lbs

Read the rest of Colette’s review here: GoingOnAnAdventure.

Sa-Be Baby Carrier

The Sa-Be Baby Carrier was reviewed by Michelle from WhatMummyThinks.

The Sa-Be Carrier tubular design and 100% cotton material mean it’s a lot more ridged than other brands and while this took a lot of getting used to, it was a lot more effective in the long run as it didn’t sag after wearing baby for more than an hour. The actual design of the carrier means that it can be cleverly folded back into itself for a handy carry pouch but this isn’t a quick process if you are out and about; it’s more for general storage when you get home. The carrier is really easy to put on and comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions. The only thing that you will have to get used to doing is working out how tight/loose you need to tie it in the first instance.


Tula Free to Grown Baby Carrier

Photo from Mini Travellers Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier

Mini Travellers review of Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier. The Tula Free to Grow is an ergonomic buckle type of baby carrier that can be used from 7 – 45 lbs (newborns and beyond) without adding an infant insert like most carriers. It allows front facing inwards and back carry and it has three width and two height settings to allow for your growing baby.

We Made Me Pao Carrier

The Pao Carrier is a three in one soft structured carrier aimed at babies from 4 months through to 36 months. You can increase this range to include newborn (8lbs) to 4 months with the purchase of a Newborn Insert. Offering front and back carrying, there are three possible positions; front carry inward facing, front carry world facing and back carry.


Hayley reviewed this carrier on her blog DevonMama.

Photo from DevonMama

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