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Baby Wearing – How to Ski with a 6 Month Old! 

Baby Wearing – How to Ski with a 6 Month Old! 

You took a 6 month old Skiing! Is that possible? Are you crazy? I hear you say. Yes, with the right kit, it’s no different to taking a walk in snowy covered Yorkshire. So here is How to Ski with a 6 Month Old!

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(Logistically, Mummy & Daddy split ski shifts so one would have the morning and one would have the afternoon.)

We have a Bugaboo for around London, BabyZen YoYo for travel but we also do a lot of baby wearing too. There are a number of BIG reasons why we did Babywearing whilst Skiing:

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Ease: Even though we have the Bugaboo travel case, this, 2 large suitcases, a car seat and hand luggage wipes out our estate boot and the back seat, never mind the logistics of getting all this into and around the airport. It is possible, I have seen people do it and my hat goes off to them with their trollies doing it. I prefer light and easy, plus it puts me in a better mood for LO, as travelling can be stressful enough.


Warmth: We layered LO with a long sleeve vest, 2 baby grows, a fleece onesie, a Trespass outerwear coat and a universal sling cover, then with Baby Wearing she gets the heat off the wearer, so she was as snug as a bug in minus 5 degrees. We could also keep an easier eye on how warm or cold she was whilst we were wearing, were as in a buggy we would have had to make more conscious checks.

Getting around: Skiing = Mountains, Hills and steep inclines. I had visions of a buggy running off down a hillside and not being able to catch up. Absolutely my imagination gone wild because in reality; Snow and a buggy is like Sand and a buggy, you have to pull a buggy every where on 2 wheels and that upside down position just didn’t seem fun for LO.  Also, with a buggy you can’t get on the ski lifts to get around the resort, but with a carrier we could get on all the ski lifts.

Visibility: LO is one the age where she wants to look, see and smile at everyone. With a sling we can forward face her and she can smile away to her hearts content. With the travel buggy she’s slightly too low and she gets fidgety because she gets bored.

How to Ski with a 6 Month Old!

Sleeping Dust: Putting LO into a carrier at her nap times is like sprinkling sleepy dust onto her, she slips off into the land of nod with the movement of you walking or the movement of the ski lifts, ski bus.  When we got anywhere, if she was awake, we could use the ‘Koo-di seat me safe’ so she could sit at the table with us or if she was still asleep, I would just delayer her clothes and leave her in the carrier.

We took the Baby Bjorn as I did most of the baby wearing, but my OH prefers the ErgoBaby, so our biggest tip: Wearing an extra stone of weight is a work out, make sure you have practiced this at home before. (A good work out when you do squats) Plus using the right carrier to suit you helps with the weight distribution and how comfortable an experience this is.

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Baby Wearing in a BabyBjorn

Sling/Carrier Libraries are amazing to allow you to try and test what works for you without initial outlay of an expensive carrier.

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How To Ski With A 6 Month Old Baby
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Tuesday 21st of February 2017

This is all kinds of awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

Eva Appleby

Tuesday 29th of March 2016

Fabulous prize. Happy Easter

michelle hughes

Wednesday 23rd of March 2016

we are expecting our miracle baby this would be amazing <3


Tuesday 15th of March 2016

Wow, well done, skiing with a baby! Great tips.

Sarah Christie

Tuesday 15th of March 2016

Ah so cute the bay looks so snug x

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