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Baby Wearing at Disney
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Baby Wearing at Disney

Whilst I’ve been researching touring Walt Disney World I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts and reading lots of tips about travelling with little ones and children.  One tip that comes up time and time again is Baby Wearing at Disney.

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As the parks are busy and lots and lots of people have push chairs, the pushchair or stroller parks as they called in the states get incredibly busy and it can be hard to re-locate your pushchair when you come out of a ride. Whilst a pushchair might be the only option for a larger/heavier child you might want to consider baby wearing at Disney if your child is a little younger.

We recently published a travel tips post on baby wearing which you can see here, but why is baby wearing at Disney so useful and what tips might you find useful if you do decide to.

Baby Wearing at Disney

1. They can stay sleeping when you are queuing for the rides. If you have your baby in a push chair you will have to take them out when you enter the queue as you need to put the push chair in the ‘stroller park’.  If you are already baby wearing you then don’t have to wake them, or carry them in your arms whilst waiting.  They are also great for parades/fireworks as they’re on an adult level to see and gives them reassurance in the crowds.

2. You can take your baby in a carrier on most, if not all rides, that don’t have a height restriction. Again this means you don’t have to wake them to ride things like Peter Pan’s Flight or similar if they are already sleeping.  Baby can remain content in the carrier.

3. Carrying your baby makes it easier to get on the monorail and car park transportation at busy times too, as you don’t have a stroller/push chair to fold down!

4. Take and use (if necessary) two different carriers.  If you alternate between two different carriers (and you aren’t used to carrying your baby) you should avoid pressure points on your hips, or chaffing in the same place after miles of walking.  It helps spread the load on all your muscles too.

5.  Share the load between the adults in your touring group if possible, again to share the load.

6.  Use the hot tub or pool in the evening to release muscles from Baby Wearing at Disney.

7. Practice wearing and walking with your baby in a sling for hours before you go if you aren’t used to doing this. It uses very different muscles and you will be walking for miles in the parks.

8. You can borrow slings from lending libraries before you travel but if you are borrowing make sure you are used to using it (see tip 6!).

9. Enjoy taking your baby on rides you might not have thought possible and have lots of fun!

Baby Wearing at Disney


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