FREE Printable Travel Games

Next time you are heading off on holiday, remember to print off and pack some of our FREE Printable Travel Games to keep your little ones entertained!

Mini Holiday Diary

What holiday is complete without a souvenir of your travels? With this Mini Holiday Diary children can draw a small picture and jot down a sentence to remember the best thing about each day. Print on A3 if using with younger children or you want more space.

Fold on the bold lines and open again, cut the dotted line.
Hold landscape and fold in half horizontally.
Push from each end so the middle folds out.

Are We There Yet Bingo?

We are on a trip, let’s look outside the window and see what we can find! Track your points as you go
along, it is the first one to 65 points wins! Great for all ages although under 7’s may need some help with adding points.

Bingo Certificate

A nice reward for your holiday Bingo champion!

And Our Survey Said…

A great game to pass the time for the whole family based on family fortunes. Each player jots down their answers to the categories. Score 5 points for a unique answer, duplicate answer 2 points, match the host 0 points.

Guess the Word

A game of hangman but made much easier for your little ones with the inclusion of an alphabet and a pre-drawn gallows. Suitable for 5-11 years.

Combination Man

A game for the whole family to play. Follow the instruction for what to draw, fold the paper backwards and pass to the next player. Once all sections are complete, open it up and give your person a name!

i-Spy at the Airport

Take a look around the airport, tell me what do you see? Let’s play i-spy. Every time you come across one of the following, mark if off. Can you find them all? For ages 4-11.

Lego Family Holiday

The Lego family are going on holiday. Can you draw their faces and what’s in their cases? For ages 4-11.

Roll A Face!

Roll a dice 6 times. With each roll add a feature to create your unique character’s face!

The Alphabet Game

Suitable for all ages and ultra competitive! Find an item for every letter of the alphabet on your journey.

Travel Word Search

A classic travel themed word search. Suitable for ages 5-10.

Number Plate Hunt

New for 2019, Number Plate Hunt is good for use in the car or on a coach. Play by spotting the first letter on car registration plates to see where the car was registered in the UK. Try to find a car for every area of the UK! Aimed at KS2 children.

Car Badge Bingo

Also new for 2019, Car Badge Bingo is great for use in the car or on a coach. Play by spotting the different logos on car badges. Cross them off on the page and the first to complete their grid is the winner!

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Free Printable Travel Games