Travel Tips: Baby Wearing

Baby Wearing
Over the last 8 years, our family has gradually expanded and we now have three small boys. We always liked to get outdoors, travel and keep active and that’s now the case more than ever, as we get to experience these things with our sons.
What we found early on in our parenting journey is that pushchairs are often not compatible with travel. Getting around via public transport, getting through crowds, strolls along the beach or over fields and through forests – not easy. We needed an alternative that could get us easily through an airport or keep baby close and away from mischievous big brothers while we pitched a tent.
We found Connecta. Weekends in London were back to being enjoyable rather than wondering how we could access the tube system or which bus went our way. We could walk along our local beach again and it made life easy when we went further afield. Our ‘solarweave’ model kept boys 1 and 2 cool and covered on various holidays when they were smaller and the first thing we got when expecting number 3 was a cool, man-friendly denim one.
It’s comfortable and easy to use, from newborn onwards. The instructions and safety information is clear. It folds down small. In terms of aesthetics, it looks equally at home in the city or at a festival. It leaves me with two hands free for the other boys.
 We are planning a trip around France later in the summer and the Connecta will be the first thing I pack. War sites, Paris, Disneyland and the beautiful countryside will be easy to navigate and it’ll leave much more space in the car to bring home Champagne than a pushchair would – result!
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Emily Gettins writes regularly for Mini Travellers and lives in the North East with her husband and three little boys.

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  1. We love our Connecta that we have on loan at the moment! I’ve just written a post about baby wearing on days out at our local car boot sale at Chartwell House in Kent. Great point about being able to being more bubbly back from France, hadn’t thought about that!!

  2. I’ve been nervous about traveling ever since I had my son, but reading this article helped put my mind at ease. I don’t know why I tend to freak out over such things but thanks for helping me work through it! You’re the best!


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