Where To See Dinosaurs In The UK

Where to see Dinosaurs in the UK

 Dinosaurs have captivated kids’ imaginations for generations—these prehistoric creatures roamed the Earth millions of years ago. Yet continue to fascinate young minds with their enormous size, unique features, and mysterious extinction. For children, learning about dinosaurs is educational and incredibly exciting. Today we will share the top places to see Dinosaurs in the UK.

The study of dinosaurs introduces children to a world of ancient history and scientific discovery. They can explore the diverse species that once inhabited the Earth, from the towering herbivorous Brachiosaurus to the ferocious carnivorous Tyrannosaurus rex. Kids can learn about the different periods in which dinosaurs lived, such as the Jurassic and Cretaceous, and understand how their adaptations allowed them to thrive in various environments.

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Engaging with dinosaurs helps children develop essential skills. As they delve into palaeontology, kids improve their observation skills by examining fossils and reconstructing dinosaur skeletons. They also develop critical thinking skills by analysing evidence and drawing conclusions about dinosaur behaviour and habitats. Additionally, studying dinosaurs promotes curiosity and a love for learning as children eagerly seek answers to their endless questions. Also, check out these fab Dinosaur alphabet and number colouring pages.

Where to see Dinosaurs in the UK (1)

Where To See Dinosaurs In The UK

Dinosaurs At Museums In The UK

Dinosaur Museums In London For Dinosaur Days Out.

London is home to several museums where you can explore dinosaur exhibits and learn about the fascinating world of these prehistoric creatures. Here are some dinosaur museums in London:

  1. Natural History Museum: The Natural History Museum is a must-visit for dinosaur enthusiasts. It houses an extensive collection of dinosaur fossils, including a complete T. rex skeleton named “Sophie.” The Dinosaur Gallery showcases a variety of specimens, including the gigantic Diplodocus and the armoured Stegosaurus.
  2. The Grant Museum of Zoology: While not exclusively dedicated to dinosaurs, the Grant Museum of Zoology displays a range of fascinating animal specimens, including dinosaur skeletons and fossils. It offers a unique opportunity to see the remains of these ancient creatures up close. This museum is currently being renovated but will reopen in the autumn.
  3. Horniman Museum and Gardens: The Horniman Museum features diverse exhibits, including a dinosaur display. Here, you can learn about the different types of dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth and explore their habitats.
  4. Crystal Palace Dinosaurs: Although not a museum in the traditional sense, the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs are worth mentioning. Located in Crystal Palace Park, this outdoor exhibition showcases a collection of impressive, life-sized dinosaur sculptures from the 19th century. It offers a unique experience to see how dinosaurs were represented during that time.

These museums provide an engaging and educational experience for visitors of all ages, allowing you to discover the world of dinosaurs and deepen your understanding of Earth’s history.

Attractions in the UK For Families

Dinosaurs At Museums In The UK

  1. Manchester Museum
  2. New Walk Museum, Leicester
  3. World Museum, Liverpool
  4. Great North Museum, Newcastle
  5. Oxford University Museum of Natural History
  6. Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, Cambridge
  7. Ulster Museum, Belfast
  8. Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow
  9. National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
  10. Dinosaur Land Fossil Museum
  11. Dinosaur Museum, Dorset

Dinosaurs At The Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum boasts an impressive collection of dinosaur exhibits. Visitors can explore a variety of dinosaur fossils, including complete skeletons, individual bones, and footprints, offering insights into their anatomy and prehistoric lives.

The museum features a cast of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton named “Stan,” allowing visitors to marvel at its size and structure. Interactive displays and hands-on activities engage visitors, while educational programs and workshops provide a more profound knowledge of dinosaurs and palaeontology. 

Museums to see Dinosaurs in the UK

New Walk Museum, Leicester

The New Walk Museum in houses an intriguing collection of dinosaur exhibits. Visitors can explore a variety of dinosaur fossils, including skeletal remains and teeth, providing insights into their physical characteristics and evolutionary history. The museum offers an immersive Dinosaur Gallery with life-size dinosaur models and interactive displays that engage visitors of all ages. 

World Museum, Liverpool

The World Museum features an impressive collection of dinosaur exhibits. The museum offers interactive elements that allow visitors to engage with the exhibits hands-on, including touching replicas and examining fossils up close. Visitors can explore various dinosaur fossils, including complete skeletal reconstructions and interactive displays.

The World Museum also promotes education and research in palaeontology through workshops, talks, and special events. In addition to the dinosaur exhibits, the museum offers a wide range of collections and exhibitions covering various topics of natural history and cultural artefacts.

Great North Museum, Newcastle

The Great North Museum features an exciting collection of dinosaur exhibits. Visitors can explore a variety of dinosaur fossils, including skeletal remains, teeth, and footprints, offering insights into their anatomy and diversity.

The museum provides interactive displays, educational programs, and ongoing research, allowing visitors to engage with the science of palaeontology. Alongside the dinosaur exhibits, the museum offers a wide range of natural history collections, comprehensively exploring the Earth’s biodiversity. 

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History houses an impressive collection of dinosaur exhibits. Visitors can explore a diverse range of dinosaur bones, including skeletal remains of a plesiosaurs, megalosaurus, and many more.

The museum also houses dinosaur eggs, showcasing different species and evolutionary adaptations. Alongside the dinosaur exhibits, the museum features a wide array of natural history collections, comprehensively exploring the Earth’s prehistoric giants. 

Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, Cambridge

The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences has a fascinating collection of dinosaur exhibits. Visitors can explore a variety of dinosaur fossils, including skeletal remains, teeth, and footprints, providing insights into their anatomy and evolutionary history. The museum offers educational displays, research opportunities, and a comprehensive geological collection that spans various periods. 

Dinosaur Museums to visit

Ulster Museum, Belfast

The Ulster Museum offers a captivating collection of dinosaur exhibits. Visitors can explore a variety of dinosaur fossils, including skeletal remains, eggs, and footprints. The museum showcases diverse species such as t-rex, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus.

Plus, interactive displays and educational programs enhance the experience, allowing visitors to engage with replicas and learn about palaeontology. The Ulster Museum also features other collections, making it a comprehensive destination for those interested in dinosaurs and Northern Ireland’s cultural and natural heritage.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum showcases a small but impressive collection of dinosaur exhibits. Visitors can explore dinosaur fossils, models, and skeletal remains, including well-known species like the Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops.

The museum also offers interactive elements and educational displays that provide insights into Scotland’s prehistoric past. Alongside the dinosaur exhibits, Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum features diverse art collections and cultural exhibitions, making it a multifaceted destination for visitors interested in art and natural history.

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

The National Museum of Scotland houses a captivating  dinosaur exhibits and fossils collection. Visitors can explore various dinosaur species, including the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Velociraptor. The museum offers interactive displays, workshops, and events that provide insights into dinosaur anatomy, behaviour, and evolution.

See Dinosaurs In The UK At Dinosaur Land Fossil Museum

Dinosaur Land Fossil Museum is located in Lyme Regis, dedicated to showcasing an extensive collection of fossils, including dinosaur specimens and marine reptiles. The museum allows visitors to see and learn about these ancient creatures through interactive exhibits and informative displays. 

Dinosaur Museum, Dorset

The Dinosaur Museum in Dorset is a renowned museum in Dorchester and the perfect place to see Dinosaurs in the UK. It features a collection of dinosaur fossils, skeletons, and life-size reconstructions. The museum offers interactive exhibits, hands-on activities, and a fossil workshop where visitors can learn about the process of fossilisation. Guided tours are available, and there is a gift shop offering dinosaur-themed merchandise. 

Theme parks to see Dinosaurs in the UK

Dinosaur Theme Parks In The UK

  1. Combe Martin Wildlife & Dinosaur Park
  2. Lost Kingdom at Paultons Park
  3. Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, Norfolk
  4. Torquay’s Dinosaur World
  5.  Gulliver’s Dino and Farm Park, Milton Keynes
  6.  Dino Park, Dumfries and Galloway
  7. Dinosaur Isle, Isle of Wight
  8. The Dinosaur Park, Wales

Combe Martin Wildlife & Dinosaur Park

Combe Martin Wildlife & Dinosaur Park in North Devon is a family-friendly attraction offering a unique blend of wildlife encounters in the parks, zoo and dinosaur-themed exhibits. Visitors can take the dino express train, observe various animals, enjoy falconry displays, explore dinosaur models and animatronic dinosaurs, and enjoy indoor soft play. The park provides educational talks, picnic areas, refreshments, and a gift shop for visitors.

Lost Kingdom at Paultons Park Is A Great Place For Little Ones To See Dinosaurs In The UK

Lost Kingdom at Paultons Park is a themed area within Paultons Park in Hampshire. This dinosaur theme park features an immersive prehistoric world filled with dinosaur attractions and encounters. Visitors can enjoy thrilling rollercoasters, interactive dinosaur animatronics, play areas for children, dining options, and merchandise shops. 

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, Norfolk

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is a family attraction full of Dinosaurs in the UK, located in Lenwade. It features life-sized dinosaur models and animatronics, a dinosaur trail through woodland paths with information boards, adventure activities like a maze, high ropes courses and zip lines, animal encounters, an indoor play area with slides, and dining options. 

Torquay’s Dinosaur World

Torquay’s Dinosaur World is a family-friendly attraction located in Torquay. It offers an interactive and educational experience centred around dinosaurs. Visitors can explore lifelike dinosaur models, participate in a fossil dig activity, learn about dinosaurs through informative displays, and browse the dinosaur-themed shop. 

Dinosaur activities for families

Gulliver’s Dino and Farm Park, Milton Keynes

Gulliver’s Dino and Farm Park is a popular attraction that combines the excitement of dinosaur exhibits with the charm of a traditional farm. Visitors can explore lifelike dinosaur displays, have hands-on experiences with friendly farm animals, or even visit the bug centre. It offers a unique and enjoyable outing for both children and adults.

Dino Park, Dumfries and Galloway

Dino Park is a family-friendly attraction featuring life-sized dinosaur models, outdoor adventure activities, a dino mine, a dino dig, a dino den, and refreshment facilities. It offers an immersive experience for visitors to learn about dinosaurs, engage in outdoor play, and enjoy a day of fun and exploration.

Dinosaur Isle, Isle of Wight

Dinosaur Isle is a museum that showcases a remarkable collection of dinosaur fossils and exhibits, including dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and marine reptiles. It serves as an educational resource and promotes research in palaeontology. The museum offers interactive displays, guided tours, and a Dinosaur Garden with life-sized models. 

You can read our review of Dinosaur Isle, Isle of Wight here.

The Dinosaur Park, Wales

The Dinosaur Park, Tenby, is an exciting attraction that offers a unique experience centred around dinosaurs. Visitors can explore life-size dinosaur models in naturalistic settings, follow a designated trail to learn about different species and participate in interactive activities. The dinosaur adventure park provides educational entertainment for visitors of all ages, with play areas and facilities available.

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