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How to do Disneyland Paris in One Day

If you’ve only got a short time, here is how to do Disneyland Paris in One Day!

This was our first visit to Disneyland Paris while staying off site. On our past two visits we’ve stayed in their hotels and had plenty of time over a couple of days to explore the two parks. It certainly requires very different planning to make sure you fit everything in that you want to do, but you can definitely do it.

Here are some tips to make the most of your trip to Disneyland Paris in One Day.

Disneyland Paris in One Day

Plan Disneyland Paris in One Day!

Speak to your group and work out what everyone’s priorities are for the day. For us this time, it was Tower of Terror for my eldest, seeing Mickey Mouse for middle child and if my youngest could speak, he would have told me that ‘It’s a Small World’ is unmissable. We knew that we also had to fit in the Buzz Lightyear ride and then everything else was a bonus.

Disneyland Paris in One Day

When you enter the park, you can pick up a map and also a schedule of what time the parades, light show and characters are on that day. If you want to plan a bit further in advance, Disneyland Paris regularly update the programme here.

The rides in Fantasyland often have shorter queues while the parade is on and later on in the day as more of the littlest people start leaving the park, so unless you have someone itching to get on Dumbo first thing, it can work well to leave that area until the afternoon.

If you have a birthday in your party and want to celebrate with a little something extra special, you can check out 7 ways to celebrate a birthday at Disneyland Paris.


If any of your ‘must dos’ have Fastpass available then head to them first to get your pass and your time to return this will really help fitting everything in at Disneyland Paris in One Day. We headed into the Studios park first and straight to Tower of Terror. Our Fastpass said to return at 1 so we could ride without waiting in the 45 minute queue. We then rode the other rides we wanted to see in that park before going back for the Tower. We did the same in the other park with a Buzz Lightyear fastpass, meant we got to go on Autopia and then straight in to defeat Zurg.

How to do Disneyland Paris in One Day

Eat at the ‘wrong’ time

By eating while the restaurants are at their quietest mid-afternoon, you can save time and stress at the meal table. We had a big breakfast, took in some drinks and snacks for mid morning then had lunch at 2.30 when we went between Studios and the main park. Then some chips on Main Street later in the day kept us going until it was time to leave.

Characters at Disneyland Paris in One Day

My bunch weren’t too bothered about all of the characters this time, as long as we saw Mickey. But in the past when they were a central part of our trip, we booked character meals which mean that you can meet a few characters in one place, with no queuing. Not cheap but I’d highly recommend!

Most importantly of all, enjoy the magic and the joy on your kids’ faces as they explore the Happiest Place on Earth.

For more tips on how to enjoy Disneyland Paris do check out Eurostar’s new Disneyland Paris page. It includes tips, ideas on how to get to Disneyland quickly and do much more. You can even find some tips from Mini Travellers! Or if you re travelling with an under 5, you can check out What can my child ride?


How to do Disneyland Paris in One Day

Emily Gettins

Emily Gettins writes regularly for Mini Travellers and lives in the North East with her husband and three little boys.


  1. July 5, 2016 at 9:19 pm — Reply

    Great tips I love Disney Paris but haven’t been for a couple of years. Eating at the wrong time is a great tip x

  2. July 29, 2016 at 8:19 pm — Reply

    The Buzz Lightyear ride is a must! 🙂

  3. May 30, 2017 at 3:22 pm — Reply

    I love Disneyland Paris. It’s far too many years since we visited! My kids think they’re too big for it now, but I’m not too big for it! Maybe doing it in a day would work better for them.

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