Bobux School Shoes

School Shoes by Bobux

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I know we are only at the end of September but I know at least one Mum in every class across the country is starting to think about having to buy new school shoes for their little ones already.  It might be because feet have grown already, it might be because blisters have started to form and they refuse to wear them anymore (I have seen this outside our school gates) or it might be because shoes were purchased with buckles or laces and the little ones just can’t get on with them in the morning or after PE.

We don’t have any of those problems with our Bobux school shoes and after 4 weeks of wear, I can hand on heart say that they not only still look amazing and the girls get comments on them every day, but they are kind to their feet and with velcro straps they are very very easy to put on.  I simply cannot recommend them highly enough.

Bobux School Shoes


Bobux School Shoes

Bobux School Shoes

Yes it’s true that I was sent these shoes, but I didn’t need to do an extra review, I just wanted to tell you how amazing they are!

Oh and whilst I am at it – these Bobux Blaze Trainers we had at the beginning of the Summer are worn all the time, wash well and are worn for gym, dancing, parties and outdoor adventures! Check those out too!

Bobux Blaze

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    Mrs H
    4th October 2016 at 12:12 am

    Bobux shoes are amazing. I have had a few pairs for Little Miss H and I can’t rave about them enough. Last winter she had the most gorgeous pair of red Bobux boots. I almost cried when she grew out of them. So good to know they make school shoes. I’ll have to remember that for next year. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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