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Travel Tips: Garnier Ambre Solaire Easy Peasy Kids Suncream Review

Travel Tips: Garnier Ambre Solaire Easy Peasy Kids Suncream Review

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One of the questions I get asked a lot is what suntan lotion do my kids use when we are on holiday and what ones do we recommend?

It is a fundamental fact of parenting that putting sun tan cream on children involves tears and comments such as ‘Do I have to stay still for this long’ on a second by second basis.  However more recently companies seem to have been listening to parents a little more and trying their best to make sun tan cream/lotions/sprays that don’t cause quite as many tears!

Garnier Amber Solaire have now designed the Easy Peasy Kids Range which includes the Wet Skin Lotion and Anti-Sand Spray. When I was first asked to review the anti-sand spray I almost jumped for joy.  This product allows sun cream to be absorbed into the skin without  sand sticking to the skin. Anyone who has tried to add additional sun tan cream to their kids on the beech will have heard “Mummy/Daddy that hurts don’t rub so hard – Stop!” Repeatedly!

This spray is a light mist (easy for my 4 and 5 year olds to use themselves actually – although no video/photos of them actually doing that is included in this review – as any process of putting sun tan cream on, including a beach and three children whilst parenting alone for the summer does not allow for photos or video making – sorry!)

It’s the 360 degree application that makes it so easy for the kids (and us) to put on as it doesn’t matter which way you hold the bottle up and press spray, it still works. This is fantastic. I used a product that had 360 degree application earlier in the year, and didn’t actually take any to Greece relying on cream – big mistake – for me and my kids a spray is totally the way forward! Happy kids, happy Mummy!  Oh and I should mention that it is SPF 50+ too – perfect! Little video of other peoples kids here!

So having just said spray is the way to go for me – I can see the benefit in this Wet Skin Lotion, particularly if you are holidaying somewhere in this country and it isn’t quite as warm. It’s ok when you are abroad and kids are dry within seconds of getting out of the pool, but when you are messing about on the beach, in the garden etc at home and you want to re-apply or apply sun tan cream and they are wet – towel drying them isn’t much fun either. Having not had much sun this last few weeks I tried this out when the kids got out of the bath the other night on their arms. It looks like it will work really well, it didn’t smear and looked to rub in evenly. We will definitely put this one to the test properly in Cyrpus though later this year – or in Snowdonia if we ever get this heatwave that’s promised!

The best part of this is the price. I genuinely expected both to be quite a lot more expensive than £7.50 but that’s what they are. Available now in store and online at!

NB: We received the products to review but all views and opinions are my own.

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