Packing List for Eurocamp with Kids – The Ultimate

Ultimate Packing List for Eurocamp with Kids

What to Pack for Eurocamp with Kids? Here is our packing list for Eurocamp with kids.

We are a family of 5: Mum, Dad and three kids (age 6, 4 and 2) and we went to France for a week so we put together a packing list for Eurocamp with Kids. We wanted an easy, relaxed holiday so are going well prepared. We’ve included food and drinks, toiletries and medicines, clothes and maybe somethings that you hadn’t thought of before. We do have an electric cool box to keep our fresh food at a safe temperature during transportation and this was fab for picnics on days out whilst we were away.


Part of the fun of travelling abroad is discovering new foods and drinks. We believe it’s important for our children to immerse themselves in local culture abroad and a valuable learning experience is a trip to the supermarket. This list won’t provide anywhere near enough food and drink for a week away, so it means you won’t miss out on those wonderful supermarket runs! But it does mean you can avoid the supermarket for 24 hours after you arrive and will make sure that even the fussiest of eaters will be satisfied. 

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We had a long over-night journey from Bolton to Portsmouth by car and then an early 6 hour ferry crossing to France, so we needed to ensure that we had enough food to make picnics and breakfast on the way too.

We planned to take 3 evening meals with us – spaghetti bolognese, chilli con carne and sweet and sour chicken. If you don’t like these then simply swap with a similar alternative e.g. chicken curry. You could pre-make these or do what we do and bring a jar of sauce, some simple veg and the meat and cook in the caravan/tent.

We planned to have BBQs and eat out in restaurants on the other nights. We did plan a couple of back up meals for the kids – beans/spaghetti on toast and pesto pasta – just in case we had a disaster with eating out or fancied warm lunches instead of sandwiches. Things like the vegetable rice, pesto pasta, and sliced boiled eggs make nice side dishes with a BBQ too.

Plus brought some breakfast and lunch things with us but still planned on buying fresh croissants, bread, salad and fruit each day. We also brought some of our usual snack foods which are suitable for the kids to eat when we are out and about on day trips, or for us adults to have when we are sat out on the decking drinking wine after the kids have gone to bed!

So here is our ultimate packing list for Eurocamp with kids (and other camping holidays) or you can download the printable lists by clicking on the images below.

Ultimate Packing List for Eurocamp with Kids

Ultimate Packing List for Eurocamp with Kids


Food and Drink – Packing List for Eurocamp with Kids

Oil/spray oil


Ketchup/brown sauce/mayo sachets

Loaf of bread


Jam sachets

Breakfast cereals


Dried rice, dried pasta, dried noodles

2 tins of baked beans/spaghetti



Cherry tomatoes

1/2 Cucumber

Coffee/tea (sachets of sugar/sweeteners if you wish)

4 pint milk

Pesto (jar of sauce)

Chilli con carne (jar of sauce)

Bolognese (jar of sauce)

Sweet and sour (jar of sauce)

3 onions

3 peppers

A few cloves of garlic (top tip: turn leftover baguette into garlic bread)

2 packs mince beef

1 pack diced chicken breast

2 packs of sausages

1 pack bacon

6/12 eggs

Rice cakes/crackers/bread sticks

1 or 2 tubes of crisps

Roasted cashew nuts (for mum and dad because we love nibbling these with wine!)

1-2 bottles wine

4 x 2 litre bottles of water

Hot chocolate powder (can be used to make chocolate milkshake too)

Marshmallows and kebab sticks

Plastic bowls, plates, spoons and forks for picnics and for very young kids and, as in our case, for breakfast on route


Toiletries and Medicines – Packing List for Eurocamp with Kids

Liquid hand soap

Toilet roll

Shampoo and conditioner

Hair brush

Hair bobbles and clips

Shower gel

Bubble bath (you’ll see why further down!)

Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Deodorant and perfume/aftershave

Mum’s make up and moisturiser 

Sanitary towels/tampons

Packet of tissues


Razors and shaving foam

Contact lens solution, storage pot and spare lenses

Lip balm with spf

Nail file

Shop bought First Aid Kit: plasters, antiseptic wipes, a few bandages of different sizes, triangular bandage, safety pins, saline solution, etc.

Calpol 2 months +

Piriton 1 yr +

Infected-eye drops (we’ve had problems on 2 previous holidays)

Paracetamol and ibuprofen for adults

Loratadine (antihistamine) tablets for adults

Dulcolax (for when you can’t go)

Dioralyte (for when you can’t stop going)

Insect repellant spray and insect bite cream

Aqueous calamine cream (good for mild sunburn and minor skin rashes)

After sun 

Sanitising hand gel

Flexible ice pack (for bumps and bruises as well as keeping your picnic cool)

Nappies, wipes and nappy bags (wipes are also good for removing make up and they can clean literally everything in the caravan too!)

Baby changing mat


Clothes, Shoes and Swimming Stuff – Packing List for Eurocamp with Kids

Sun hats


Arm bands

Swimming costumes and goggles

Swim nappies

Kids towelling robes/cover ups

Light clothes (T-shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, etc)

Jumpers/cardigans and jeans/joggers (for cool evenings)

Canvas shoes/trainers

Sandals/beech shoes/flip flops



Waterproof coats


Paper work and other important stuff – Packing List for Eurocamp with Kids

European travel car-kit and fluorescent jackets for all passengers (this is the law if you are going to France like we were and in a number of other countries)

Your car manual

Your vehicle breakdown phone number and policy number – make sure you upgrade it to Europe-wide cover

Your bank phone number for if your cards are lost or stolen

Travel insurance details

Holiday details and tickets


EHIC cards

Kids club registration forms (can be done on site but saves time if you do them in advance)

Travel money

Dictionary/phrase book

All the rest – Packing List for Eurocamp with Kids

Drinks bottles and sippy cups (for the journey, for picnics, because the crockery in the accommodation will be glass and because Eurocamp kids clubs like children to bring a drink with them. These really are an essential item!)

Zip lock food bags and plastic clips

Cling film and tin foil

Washing powder (enough for a couple washes)

Hairdryer and straighteners (hairdryer is included in caravans)

Dish cloth and dish sponge/scourer

3 tea towels

2-3 hand towels

Washing up liquid

Spare batteries/battery pack

Laundry bag

Travel adaptors

Books and games e.g. jigsaws, deck of cards and travel board games. There’s no need to go overboard as Eurocamp have lots to borrow in their Reception. We let each child pack a child-size backpack with their favourite things and their teddy so they can have it on the journey too. It’s always handy having a few colouring sheets, such as the free downloads from ABC Colouring.

Speaker and iPod (we absolutely love the Lava Bright Sounds portable speaker and light which is useful for sitting out in the evenings)

Bath mat (trust me you’ll love the fact you brought one of these along)

Antibacterial Surface Wipes


Potty/toddler toilet seat

Bin bags (small ones not big ones as the Eurocamp bins in the accommodation are small)

Phone chargers

Back pack/beach bag

Small over the shoulder hand bag for mum

Cool bag or cool box

With Eurocamp you will have to take pillows, sheets and towels. However you can pre-order these to be in your accommodation. We think this is an absolute winner as they take up so much space in the car. We always order the towel and bedding packs plus we also take 1 extra pillow per person and a blanket for each child so they can sleep comfortably in the car. Eurocamp give you 1 pillow per person unless you ask for more so bringing our own too fits perfectly as we like to have two pillows each.

Finally – take as much as you can packed into a huge Tub Trugg or plastic box (the biggest you can find) and it will double up as a bath for your little kiddies and is a useful container to carry the recycling down to the bins. We fitted all of this in the boot of our car and a roof box. 

Ps. If you need a baby bath or high chair you can also pre-order this with Eurocamp to be in your accommodation on your arrival.


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Ultimate Packing List for Eurocamp with Kids
Ultimate Packing List for Eurocamp with Kids
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