Oi Frog and Friends Theatre Show Review

Oi Frog and Friends Theatre Show Review

I’ll be honest – I had no idea what Oi Frog and Friends theatre show! would be like. How do you make one single production out of a series of bestselling picture books? How do you do a play with a zillion different animals in it?! Is it possible to translate the beloved Oi Frog and Friends books from Kes Gray and Jim Field into a show suitable for young children?

Well, I needn’t have worried… Oi Frog and friends theatre show managed to do all of the above – and more!

Before the Oi Frog and friends show even began the cast members were interacting with the audience, asking each child what their name was then writing down a rhyme to go with it. Our kids have slightly unusual names so we enjoyed watching the actor come up with rhymes – “Rosabelle can sit on a shell,” “Boaz can sit on Topaz” and “Reuben can sit on a Lupin”. We wondered what the actors were planning on doing with these pieces of paper – and were delighted to find out… But I won’t spoil the surprise for you, you’ll have to book tickets to find out!

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FROG is a newcomer to Sittingbottom School, but to everyone’s astonishment refuses to sit on the log. Pandemonium ensues when FROG gets hold of the rule book and rewrites them with brand new rhymes. Watch along to see how DOG causes mischief and CAT saves the day. 

The 55-minute Oi Frog and friends show is full of songs, puppetry, special effects and audience participation. Our children watched with rapt attention. The actors were energetic and exuberant, the set was creative and surprising, and the use of puppetry was incredibly clever – I’ve never seen anything like it. 

It’s hard to pick a favourite scene, but perhaps the slow motion re-enactment of DOG sitting on FROG got the widest smiles from our eldest (aged 7). While the puppet meerkat got belly laughs from our youngest (aged 3). Our 5-year-old boy loves toilet humour and fully approved of SKUNK sitting on ELEPHANT’S trunk. It’s a silly, fun, humorous and entertaining show that we all enjoyed. Be warned though, if you’re anything like us – you’ll go home rhyming every Tom, Dick and Harry that you know with a suitable (or, preferably not!) thing to sit on.

Oi Frog and Friends Theatre Show Review

We saw Oi Frog and Friends theatre show at the Northern Stage where it is running till 24th April. It is on tour at these venues.


Northern Stage

21 Apr — 24 Apr



26 Apr — 28 Apr


The Capitol

30 Apr — 02 May


Wales Millennium Centre

07 May — 10 May


Belgrade Theatre

13 May — 14 May



21 May — 29 May


Rose Theatre

31 May — 04 Jun


Theatre Royal

17 Jun — 19 Jun

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