Reasons we loved Potters Resort, Norfolk

Reasons we loved Potters Resort, Norfolk

At February half term my three girls age 12, 12 and 13 spent 4 nights at Potters Resort, Norfolk with their Grandparents. It was the perfect place for a multi generational holiday and we will try and explain why it was so amazing.

You’ll have to forgive some of the second hand information I’ve had about this, which I’ve had to pull out from texts such as – OMG so much amazing hot chocolate; OMG it’s AWESOME; and sorry can’t talk now doing stuff will call later (and then never did). I think in reality that tells you all you need to know about how good it was, so if you don’t want to read our 50 reasons you can stop now and book your break here.

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So what is Potters Resort?

Potters Resort is a UK All Inclusive Resort

There are no hidden costs. Potters Resort includes it all, and in the 5 days and 4 nights my parents were there they spent a whole £3 on the arcades for the girls. That’s it. They didn’t spend an extra penny, and as you’ll see from the rest of this review, my instagram highlights here:

and the reel I posted too – they did sooo much, ate so much and all had so so many drinks; J20 and Hot choccie for the girls, wine and gin for the Grandparents.

Where is Potters Resort?

Potters Resort is an all inclusive resort in Hopton on Sea on the Norfolk Coast, situated between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth. It’s around 5 hours drive from the North West where we are based.

It wasn’t beach weather during this trip (rain stopped that most days sadly) but during the Summer (or even on a drier days) it would have been a lovely spot for beach walks or beach games too.

Accommodation at Potters Resort

There is a variety of accommodation at Potters Resort for a number of different price points. There are different types of bungalows and hotel rooms, and my gang had two interconnecting premier rooms in the hotel.

My parents and the kids are really well travelled and they all thought the rooms were absolutely huge and really well appointed. Two wash basins in each bathroom, and the showers really very good with very hot water and were very powerful. That’s not always a given even in more expensive hotels.

Each of the two rooms they had, had a double bed and a pull down proper Murphy bed as the third bed which could be put away in my parents room when they had decided upon which room they were having and which one was for the three girls.

Reasons we loved Potters Resort, Norfolk

Staff at Potters

Without exception, every staff member that my Mum & Dad or the kids encountered were all very pleasant friendly and extremely helpful. From the moment they arrived at check in, to the check out, everyone couldn’t do enough to help you enjoy your stay.

It’s a theme that runs through any review you’ll read about Potters Resort so they are obviously doing something right.

Reasons we loved Potters Resort, Norfolk

Food at Potters Resort

There is no scramble for tables and endless queuing for food! At Potters Resort, your family gets its own dedicated table and servers, making mealtimes a breeze from arrival to departure. My parents also noted that this meant everyone could meet at mealtimes (after doing different activities) and always know where to find each other.

Breakfast is between 8:30 and 10am, followed by lunch at 12:30-1:30pm and a delicious dinner between 6:30 and 7:30pm. For a late-night treat, there’s even a midnight feast at the Terrace Bar, although my lot all ate so much during the day they didn’t need to go for the midnight feast.

When you’ve sat down at the table you can choose from an à la carte menu or explore the buffet options. This flexibility was perfect for the family: the kids could dive straight into the buffet, while the Grandparents could choose to have the buffet or the A La Carte at a more relaxed pace.

Particularly impressive was that the food never ran out; it was all constantly refreshed and you could always get what you wanted.

Other special touches included toast arriving straight to your table, and eggs being ordered freshly at breakfast.

During all meals, jugs of water and wine or prossecco was brought to your table by your server, in our case Chris who was brilliant.

While the food may not reach Michelin-star levels, it’s consistently good, and completely exceeded everyones expectations for a UK holiday park. There was always something for everyone, and the roast dinner with 6 Yorkshire Puddings (yes 6), was enjoyed by two of my kids on a few occasions.

Drinks at Potters Resort

Whilst hot chocolate, J20 and Coke was the order of the day for the kids, the drinks options for the adults was also brilliant and my parents never felt the need to order more expensive, and thus paid for, drinks.

The kids definitely made the most of being away with the Grandparents and having multiple hot chocolates a day all like this!

Reasons we loved Potters Resort, Norfolk

Gin & Tonics are a firm favourite with my Mum and Dad and they were given the choice of four different types, Gordons, Gordons flavoured, Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray (which really isn’t a bad selection at all is it?). They saw others having all sorts of different spirits and there didn’t seem to be much you had to buy as an extra (save for champagne which is fair enough).

Wine Options at Potters Resort

I did wonder if from time to time they might want to buy a bottle of wine but with Malbec, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignion and Merlot being the red wine options, and Pinot Grigo, Sauvignion Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Chardonay being the white wine options, plus a decent prosecco they didn’t feel the need to buy anything more expensive from the bar.

Evening Entertainment at Potters Resort

For my parents this was one of their favourite parts of their short break at Potters. They review of the evening entertainment put on by the hotel team was that it was as good as a West End show. The week that my family was there, the hotel team put on the evening entertainment on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday.

On Tuesday Soul Brothers did the show, and whilst they were good, they didn’t get the amazing feedback from my lot that the hotel team did. The show on the last night – Simply the Best – being the best of musicals was their absolute favourite and the kids even persuaded the Grandparents to get on the dance floor for some ballroom at the end.

I think having done a backstage tour earlier in the week, the kids appreciated even more what goes into these shows!

Reasons we loved Potters Resort, Norfolk

100 + Activities at Potters Resort

It’s really hard to comprehend the number of activities that you can take part in at Potters Resort during the week. The only thing that curtailed the fun whilst mine were staying was the weather, which meant more people wanted to do the indoor activities, so these were sometimes a little busy, but there was always something that could be done.

These are the activities that were on offer at Potters Resort:

For Younger Children

ust some of the activities included during our stay for younger guests AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE include:

  • Soft play 
  • Swimming
  • Playground
  • Mini Golf
  • Inflatable Assault Course (all ages)
  • Bouncing Boos (under 2s)
  • Craft Sessions (2 – 8 years)
  • Monkey Bikes (ages 5-12)
  • Party Dances & Under 8s Disco
  • Junior Archery (8 – 12 years)
  • Climbing Wall (1.1m and 3 stone minimum)
  • Giants Swing (1.2m minimum height restriction)
  • Bungee Trampolines
  • Bouncy Castle (0-8 years)
  • Fun Karts (3-8 years)
  • Quad Bikes (5-12 years)
  • Ten Pin Bowling & Arcades (additional cost)

For Older Children:

  • Segway (ages 10+ with a weight between 7-18 stone)
  • Cliff Hanger (1.1 metre height restriction)
  • Archery (ages 13+)
  • Junior Archery (8-12 years)
  • Air Rifle Shooting (ages 13+)
  • Rally Karts ( ages 14+ and 5 foot minimum height)
  • Giants Swing (1.2m height restriction)
  • Football 
  • Bracelet Making/ Over 8s Crafts 
  • Snooker
  • Darts 
  • Air Hockey Tournaments 
  • Climbing Wall 
  • Inflatable Assault Course 
  • Swimming
  • Quizzes
  • Golf
  • Mini Golf
  • Ten Pin Bowling & Arcades (additional cost)
  • VAR

So what were the kids (and the Grandparents favourite)?


We do love a quiz in our family, although no-one more so than my eldest daughter. Lily was completely delighted that there was so many quizes that could be done on so many different topics. Grandma was delighted that all the questions went up on the screen so they could read them easily and no-one had to ask for the questions to be repeated. All the answers went on the screen too so it was a great format.

Reasons we loved Potters Resort, Norfolk


The girls went in the craft room on all three days. They made mugs, keyrings and bags. All fantastic quality and have all come home with them to be used again and again. They really enjoyed these sessions and they felt like activities that at CP would have been circa £25 each.

Last Man Standing

Just keep jumping as much as you can! Right up their street this one.


They didn’t do quite as much swimming as I thought they might (they were just too busy) but my Dad (who never goes swimming) reported that the pool was actually really warm and nice to be in. There was also a huge jaccuzzi and steam room too.

Air Rifles

You had to be 13 to use the air rifles as they were so heavy. This was a session that got booked up quite quickly but as it was just Dad and Lily that wanted to do it, they shared the session with another group of 8 who had booked at the same time. The organisers of that activity put Lily and Dad in their own group and so they had a competition against each other. Lily won!


The segway coudn’t take place on the usual track due to the inclement weather but they used the smaller 4g track instead. Lily and both Grandparents had a go at this, the twins were too light for the big ones and didn’t fancy the smaller ones. Segway on its own can be around £50 so this was another one of those activities that we might have chosen not to do if it hadn’t been included. My Mum would never have had a go, so I love this about Potters.

Reasons we loved Potters Resort, Norfolk


This was so clever and the girls did this every day, at our local place this costs £10pp, again it’s great to be able to say yes to absolutely everything all the time.

Reasons we loved Potters Resort, Norfolk

KMX Bikes

These were a real hit and went down as one of their favourite things to do.


They couldn’t play the big prize bingo as this was for over 18’s but it was clearly very popular and people started at 7.30pm queuing. Apparently prizes can easily be as much as £750. The girls were however allowed to do a kids version and they did this a few times too.

Most of the activities you could just turn up to have a go at but some (clearly marked) you had to book on the day. Booking opened at 8.15am for morning activities and 12.15 for afternoon activities. You’re encouraged not to queue too early but people did anyway. In all honestly this didn’t effect their stay though at all.


Overall my parents and the kids had an absolutely brilliant week at Potters Resort. They LOVED all the activities and all the all inclusive nature of the food and drink.

The resort was big but self contained and it felt incredibly safe so the Grandparents could give the girls lots of freedom.

Even if Grandparents can’t do many of the activities or are less active themselves, its a fabulous place to go and really suitable for a multi generational holiday. Why not check out the website or order a full brochure here.

Potters Resort has a really really loyal following and so many people my Mum spoke to were on a second, third or fourth visit. That in itself speaks volumes. We only wish it was closer!!

Why not check out their website here.

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