Ten Things I Didn’t Know About Camping With Kids

Ten Things I didn't know about camping with kids

Ten Things I Didn’t Know About Camping With Kids!!

1. My kids can sleep past 7.30am without black out blinds! Letting them run wild in a field until 11pm clearly helps!

2. You can’t eat too many pork based products in one weekend. Ribs, kebabs, sausages, bacon, burgers – you get the idea.

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3. It is possible to have a proper coffee on a campsite. If you go with organised seasoned campers.

Ten Things I didn't know about camping with kids

4. You can sleep in a double sleeping bag with your husband on an airbed in a space as big (just) as said air bed. If you’ve drunk enough red wine and don’t really want to actually sleep as much as doze.

5. Potties are still useable whether your kids are 2 or fully toilet trained and 4 and 5, particularly at 3am!

6. Campsites exist that have showers with warm water and heated floors. Still covered in grass naturally but you need to get back to nature a little.


Not a bad view for cooking breakfast! @milletsonline @regattaoutdoors #ukexplore #camping

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7. You can cook your breakfast on a proper stove with a view like this without paying a fortune for the privilege, and if your kids sleep longer than your fellow camping buddies you might even get it cooked for you.

8. Kids regard washing up in a sink in a field fun and you enjoy letting them as they aren’t destroying your kitchen.

9. It’s like one long BBQ punctuated only by trying to sleep in said air bed!

10. You can have a LOT of fun, just choose your camping buddies wisely like we did and make sure you have the right kit!

Ten Things I didn't know about camping with kids

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Camping with Kids - 10 Things You Didn't know
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8 thoughts on “Ten Things I Didn’t Know About Camping With Kids”

  1. Really funny, and so true! We were fortunate enough to benefit from the sleeping kids / friends cooking breakfast scenario, really hoping for a repeat this summer! #familytraveltips

  2. This is great, I’m really looking forward to the weather warming up so we can go camping with the kids, as we have a brand new family tent! Great tip about the potty! And lol to just dozing on the airbed…that’s my main issue with camping actually – I rarely manage to sleep, even without kids there! Glad I’m not alone… #familytraveltips

  3. Brilliant post and I agree, camping is ALL about the company! Actually we love camping with the children and have some great friends who we’ve camped with in the past. It’s lovely to get back to nature and sleep under canvas. I always feel revitalised and jaded in equal parts after a camping holiday! Thanks for linking up to #FamilyTravelTips!


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