Review | Bundle Beds | Roll Out Bed with Self Inflating Mattress

Review | Bundle Beds

We were recently sent a Bundle Bed to use and review. We’ve used it a few times now, so what do we think? Is it worth the tag and will we use it?

What is a Bundle Bed?

A Bundle Bed is a clever, roll-out bed with a self-inflating mattress (so no need for a foot pump!), it has a fully waterproof protective outer layer, comfortable luxury bedding, and buckles to hold it all together. With a purpose-made double sheet, you can transform two single Bundle Beds into a portable double bed , too. 

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My first thoughts on the Bundle Bed

My first thoughts on the Bundle Bed was that it was solid and very well made. It looked like a quality piece of kit. It felt quite heavy though and I did query whether I would want to take it camping due to the weight. Fine if you are camping next to the car but possibly not right for festival camping where you have to carry everything.

Review | Bundle Beds

Using the Bundle Bed

The first time we used the Bundle Bed was just before Christmas and we were trying to squeeze 6 kids and 4 adults into four bedrooms with not a lot of floor space once you have a bed in each room. The Bundle Bed was perfect for this as it was significantly smaller than a blow up mattress would have been but perfectly big enough for the kids. It was also a bit more malleable and moveable.

I rolled it out and it took me a little while to work out how to make it self inflate but I got there, a little blow into it helped wonders.

The 15 tog  duvet was deemed to be cosy by both girls that tried it and it is plenty warm enough for use inside, we haven’t had the opportunity to try it outside yet.The pillow is also comfortable and I love that it is included as it’s one of the things I always forget to pack if we are visiting people and need to take extra beds.

Review | Bundle Beds

Bundle Bed Vital Statistics 

  • £335.00 RRP 
  • Available in four colour combinations from with worldwide delivery. 
  • Weight: 6.5kg (14lbs) 
  • Length: 190cm (75”) – the same length as a standard single bed 
  • Width: 60cm (24”) 
  • Diameter when rolled-up: 30cm (12”) 
  • With a 15 tog duvet/comforter Bundle Beds are recommended for use down to temperatures of 5-10 Celsius (41-50 Fahrenheit). Summer weight duvets/comforters are also available for hotter climes or those permanently warm sleepers!
  • Moisture-wicking fabrics used to stop you getting humid or damp at night. Linen is fully washable.
  • Mattress is 5cm thick and made of self-inflating memory-foam.
  • Awarded Gold in the Dadsnet Awards 2018.

Mini Travellers Verdict on the Bundle Bed

We love it. Yes it’s expensive but it is a quality piece of kit and if you are regularly campers, regularly stay at other peoples houses and need to take extra beds (we do have to do this as a family of 5) or have kids to stay over a lot and don’t have a lot of space to keep an extra bed or the energy to keep putting extra blow up mattresses up, then this is the perfect piece of kit for you!

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