Orlando Villas for Lovers of Star Wars, Lego, Harry Potter and More..


Having travelled to Orlando recently with three Disney Princess lovers, the only thing that could have made our trip any more perfect would have been the ability to sleep in a Princess bedroom every night and I have just written a post about the amazing rooms you can sleep in if you have Princess lovers too.

However we know not everyone has Princess lovers, and in fact not everyone has kids who love Disney either, so this post is about those rooms that your kids (or You!?!) can sleep in if you have kids who love all that Orlando has to offer that isn’t just about Disney Princesses!

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Firstly this super cool Star Wars Room. Star Wars is huge in Orlando at the moment. They are of course building a whole new Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios and the Star Wars fireworks they have are simply superb!

Reunion Resort 468's star wars room
Reunion Resort 468

This treehouse bedroom is the stuff of childhood dreams for me.  It could be from a scene in Harry Potter or Swiss Family Robinson; it could be from Enid Blyton or Star Wars.  I just know my kids would love it. The only challenge would be – who would get to sleep on the top bunk, but then that’s always the battle!

Reunion Resort 29's treehouse bedroom
Reunion Resort 29

Speaking of Harry Potter I would love to sleep in this train or sit in this library. I honestly think I’d struggle to give either of these rooms up to the kids.  During our latest 14 days in Orlando with our Under 5’s, hubby and I had a big kids day out at Universal Studios and it was amazing! We absolutely loved the Harry Potter rides.  For tips on how to get on the Harry Potter rides without a 2 hour wait, do read our posts!

Reunion Resort 700's Harry Potter room
Reunion Resort 700
Reunion Resort 463's Harry Potter room
Reunion Resort 463

One of our favourite places in Orlando was Legoland – we loved it.  The picture at the top of this post and the one below is of a lego themed room in a villa at Reunion Resort and might just be the one to satisfy my three girls who are DESPERATE to stay at the Legoland hotel when we go back to Orlando in the summer.  I don’t have the heart to tell them that we won’t be heading back to Orlando quite that soon, other places to visit for now…

Reunion Resort 594's Lego bedroom
Reunion Resort 594

However if you are reading this post because Orlando is on your wish list for this year or next, then one of these rooms might well be for you! You can find them all (and more besides) with Top Villa’s.

If you are undecided as to whether a Villa is for you, rather than a hotel, take a read of our post on why we decided to stay off site in a Villa over a Hotel and why with young children we think it was the best decision we made.

Happy Holidays.

Orland Villas for Fans of Lego, Harry Potter, Star Wars and More!

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