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Villas Fit for a Princess near Disney

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Having travelled to Walt Disney World recently with three Disney Princess lovers, the only thing that could have made our trip any more perfect would have been the ability to sleep in a Princess bedroom every night. I can’t believe that I didn’t know about these rooms in Villas by Top Villas before we booked as it would most definitely have been the perfect addition to our trip – the only challenge would have beenwWhich Princess?

Would we have chosen the Tangled Room? Rapunzel is Izzy’s favourite and she was ever so kind when we met her at Magic Kingdom.  The Tangled room is definitely the one she would have chosen.

Rapunzel at Magic Kingdom

Reunion Resort 453's Tangled bedroom

However my eldest loves Snow White so this room where she could pretend to be putting her little sisters or dwarves to bed in Snow White’s bedroom would definitely have been a strong contender.  Snow White also gave them a princess wand in Cinderella’s Castle so she became a top contender for Best Princess.


Reunion Resort 463's Snow White bedroom

Speaking of Cinderella and her Castle.  This room which actually turns bunk beds into a Castle is very special indeed. One of the best things we did at Disney was have lunch in Cinderella’s Castle and meet all the Princesses.

Cinderellas Castle Lunch

Reunion Resort 2500's Disney princess bedroom

Reunion Resort 2500’s Disney Castle Bedroom

However our audience with Belle was a surprise hit too! The girls all got chance to be in a mini show with characters from Beauty & The Beast and at the end they met Belle. My eldest was actually Belle’s love interest!


Reunion Resort 459's Beauty and the Beast Bedroom

But a post about Villas Fit for a Princess would not be complete without a Frozen room being included.  Meeting Anna & Elsa is one of the hardest things to do at Disney. Fast Passes disappear as soon as they are listed and queues can be as long as 2 hours all day.  Before we went to Disney I told my three that it would be too hot to see the Frozen Princesses as I didn’t want them to be disappointed.  However on our second day at Magic Kingdom we went (ran) straight there and met both Anna and Elsa before 9.15!  Those faces are faces of kids who can’t quite believe their luck!

Meeting Anna at Magic Kingdom

Reunion Resort 752's frozen bedroom

Reunion Resort 700's Frozen bedroom

If we couldn’t decide upon one Princess room we might just have to choose a room which has all the Princesses in like the one at the top of this post!  My three don’t really mind which Disney Princess they dress up as, just as long as they have a pretty dress on!

So which Princess room would yours choose??

Not a Disney Princes fan?  Want to know if there are alternatives.  There certainly is Top Villa’s (who incidentally rent out all the Villas at Reunion Resort that these rooms are within) have some fabulous alternatives for non-Princess lovers so keep an eye out as another post is coming soon!

Disney - Plan it! Wing it at your peril!

Villas Fit for a Princess

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