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5 Reasons to Visit Legoland Florida with Young Children

5 Reasons to Visit Legoland Florida with Young Children

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During our 14 days in Orlando we took time out of the Disney immersion to visit Legoland Orlando courtesy of Experience Kissimmee and Legoland themselves and we are so pleased we did.  It was an AMAZING day and I think (going out on a limb) one of the most fun days we had whilst we were there. So why should you make the 45 minute from Central Orlando to Legoland?

1. More Space and Time Out

Legoland Florida is huge, 150 acres huge.  It incorporates part of the historic Cypress Gardens and the adjacent Lake Heloise, so take a pushchair/stroller (even if you do’t usually use them) and enjoy the space.  You might not realise you need space until you’ve spent a week in Orlando but once you have, you will do!  The space at Legoland Florida is amazing as it means it feels significantly more relaxed than the Disney Parks as there is room for everyone and the area by the lake and in the gardens feels cool and peaceful.  You will need some time out from the Disney madness. There is (in my opinion) only so much one person can take at one time.  There is certainly only so much my husband could take, and it was refreshing to experience a completely different experience.

2. Quieter

We arrived at Legoland (before park opening) and were thrilled to find very short lines to get in. We made our way straight to the back of the park to ride the busier rides first, and on the day we went we were the only people doing that. The kids went on the busier rides Boating School (3 x) Ford Driving School Junior and Original (2x) Flying School (2x) before many people arrived.  Can you imagine that happening at Disney – ever? I can’t.

Reasons to Visit Legoland Florida

3. Food

We found the food places at Disney had very long lines, were expensive and there wasn’t always food that my little ones would eat, however Legoland Florida was different. We ate in a sandwich place near the lake and Pirates Cove which allowed you to put a sandwich, crisps, drink and a squeezy fruit snack together for $6.  There was heartbreak that I refused to buy 3 of the lego picnic boxes for another $6 each but the less said about that the better. I was pleased with $6 cost and felt the option was a healthy option, it wasn’t just chicken, chips and pizza.

Reasons to Visit Legoland Florida

4. Fun Shows

Probably down to the fact that the whole place was less busy, but the shows definitely felt like a time to relax for a bit, take in the atmosphere of the place (particularly the exciting Pirate Show down by the lake) and enjoy the show rather than use the time to work out where we were running to next.  Lego Friends in the girls new obsession on Netflix and Legoland has a whole new area Heartlake City dedicated to the fabulous five. The Lego Friends show was ‘terrible’ but clearly only to anyone over 10.  The room was buzzing with excitement when Andrea came on stage and remained that way for the full half an hour.

Reasons to Visit Legoland Florida

5. Age Appropriate Rides

There is a great selection of rides at Legoland for the kids.  I read a blog before we went about a Mum who was disappointed with the rides at Legoland Florida because they couldn’t all ride them together.  For me that’s not what Legoland is about, it is about the kids being able to ride basically most of the rides they see when they get there.  Although one of my favourite photos of the holiday was taken with us riding a roller coaster Project X.  Parenting at its best!

Reasons to Visit Legoland Florida

For a full review of our time at Legoland Florida check back soon!

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5 Reasons to Visit Legoland with Young Children

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Lauren (The Helpful Hiker)

Thursday 28th of April 2016

Legoland looks like amazing fun-particularly love the last photo! Disneyland doesn't overly appeal to me, but I'm resigned to the fact that we'll have to go at least once! Now I've got more options if we make it over there :-) #MondayEscapes


Wednesday 27th of April 2016

I have always wondering what Legoland would be like! I like the idea of the big open spaces and less lines - one of the biggest negatives to theme parks!

Tracey Williams

Monday 25th of April 2016

Oh this picture still cracks me up Karen. I think it is great to escape the Disney bubble and head somewhere quieter and your girls are the perfect age for Legoland. I think it was just opening on our last trip, and I know Katie would love it there x

Packing my Suitcase

Monday 25th of April 2016

That's amazing! I didn't know there was a Legoland in Orlando, when i went there I just went to crazy Disney and Universal Park. They are sooooo packed, OMG! Nice that Legoland is still out of the radar of most tourists. Oh, and to be honest, even I have problems finding what to eat at Disneyland ;/ they should improve that.

Thank you so much for joining #MondayEscapes :D

Sarah Christie

Monday 25th of April 2016

I love that pic, bless her little heart. It sounds fab I think ours are maybe a little too old for it now but it looks great for younger children and less overwhelming away from all the crowds x

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