Legoland Billund vs Legoland Windsor

Legoland Billund vs Legoland Windsor

Legoland Billund has been on our list to visit ever since our visit to Legoland Windsor a few years ago.  We were keen to see if the original Legoland was bigger and better!

Where is Legoland Billand?

Just a quick hop in a taxi from Billand International Airport or a 15 minute walk from Billand Centre, getting to Legoland was really easy.  There are also a variety of different places to stay right on site for you to choose from including Legoland Castle Hotel and Legoland Holiday Village.

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What is there to do at Legoland Billund?

There is something to do for everyone at Legoland.  As you enter, the first attraction you come across is the brand new Legoland Ferrari Build and Race featuring the worlds first 1:1 Lego Ferrari Monza SP1! Once inside Europe’s first Lego Ferrari construction attraction, you are provided with the Lego to be able to build your very own Ferrari.  We all immediately got to work building our cars so we could then race them together before trying to get our cars to jump through a hoop!  What was also brilliant about this attraction was you could then scan your car and race it on a giant interactive racetrack.  This was a great start to our day!

After this we explored Atlantis by Sealife.  This was a superb aquarium with only a small group entering at a time, meaning that you got a really good look at all the sea life.  We then passed the Duplo attractions and rides, these looked brilliant for younger children with lots of giant Duplo to explore and play with, along with a Duplo plane ride and Duplo Train ride, before we headed to the Lego Ninjago ride.  This was the same as the ride in Windsor however, unlike in Windsor where the queue took us about an hour, we pretty much walked straight onto this ride before exiting and immediately taking on Lloyd’s Laser Maze!

We then spotted the Lego Canoe.  There was a super short queue for this ride, so we split up with Daddy and the youngest on the Canoe while I took the teenager on the Flying Eagle rollercoaster.  Whilst queuing up for this ride, we spotted Pirate Splash Battle.  This wasn’t a ride we had seen before and the day was hot and sunny and it looked ideal for cooling down!  You board a Pirate Ship as a family group and then set off on a journey through various islands whilst operating your Pirate Ship water cannons.  There are various things for you to aim your cannon at as you go along but by far the most popular was to aim your cannon at either a rival Pirate boat or the passers by who were able to operate the cannons on shore!  This was brilliant fun!  I have to say, there seemed to be very competitive people on each of our boats and we ended up getting soaked!  It was excellent fun trying to battle with the people on shore!  I would recommend making sure you take a change of clothes if it is a bit cooler but certainly on this hot day, we all dried off pretty quickly!

After lunch, we headed to the Pirate Boats for a chilled out ride through caves and various pirate antics.  I think I would have happily gone round on this several times, it was lovely on a hot day, however, the children had other ideas, having spotted the Viking River Splash.  This was a rapids ride with the best bit being a lift which took your boat up high before launching you down a quick and steep slide.  Again, there was very little queuing so we went back on this a few times; I did suggest something else by the third ride though! Keeping with the water rides, we then had a go on Jungle Races and Fire Brigade.  Both of these were rides we had queued for taking up to an hour to get on in Windsor, the children were impressed that again, we didn’t have to queue at all.  You really do realise how much more pleasurable it is when you are not having to spent over half the day waiting in line for all the rides!

It was time for a bit more adventure so we all went on the Dragon Roller Coaster together before we again split up.  The more adventurous heading for Polar X-plorer and then X-treme Racers and the less adventurous spending some time at the Artic Icebreakers.  This was a brilliant attraction where you could build and launch your own lego boat to sail across the water.  This was such a great attraction for younger children – we had to bribe our son away with the promise of one last ride!  I honestly think he would have stayed and played all day – definitely worth a visit if you need some down time during a hot day!

Our last ride was Emmet’s Flying Adventure.  We joined the short queue for this before we knew what it was, so this all came as a bit of a surprise!  You sit on Emmet’s couch and ‘get sucked into The Lego Movie’ universe with all your senses as you float in front of a giant screen.  This was a great end to the day – not great if you get motion sickness but great fun to experience – you really do feel like you are part of the movie!

What food and drink can you buy at Legoland Billund?

Like any Theme Park, there is a wide variety of food and drink to buy on site, from coffee shops to burger bars.  A child’s chicken nugget and chips meal with a small drink and fruit bar came to about £10.00, so if you aren’t keen to buy, make sure you pack a picnic.  However, my only criticism of the visit was that there wasn’t anywhere to refill your own water bottle.  It was a really hot day and we only realised this a couple of hours in when we ran out of water.  We then paid around £15 for a refillable Coke container to share – this can be refilled every 15 minutes from any of the machines around the Park.  There are choices of ice tea as well as fizzy drinks but I was a bit frustrated we couldn’t just access water all day.  Either make sure you pack enough water or be prepared to buy a refill drink!

Legoland Billund vs Legoland Windsor

How long should you spend at Legoland Billund?

We spent a full day at Legoland Billund, and didn’t get anywhere near completing all the activities we wanted to do!  It was also really quiet (it was half term for England schools but not for Danish schools, apart from the bank holiday Monday) so we didn’t spend longer than 10 mins queuing at any point.  This meant we could go on each of the rollercoasters 3 or 4 times in succession and repeat any rides that we had enjoyed – a world away from our experience at any other theme park!  However, we were so keen to go on the queue-less rides, we didn’t get to see as much of the other attractions as we would have liked.  Speaking to other visitors we met, allowing for two days would be ideal for a visit.

Is Legoland Billund any better than Legoland Windsor Resort?

Everything is awesome here and it really is a world away from Legoland Windsor.  Although some of the rides are the same, the whole site seems much more spacious and easier to navigate than Windsor (it isn’t on a hill for a start!).  Miniland has some different features, we absolutely loved the Lego House model, and there are lots of rides and attractions that differ from Windsor.  We also felt the park felt fresher and better maintained than Windsor, despite being older.  I am not sure we would feel two days in Windsor worthwhile, but I would certainly recommend two in Billund.

If you are a Lego fan who fancies a change, I would thoroughly recommend heading to Legoland Billund.  Pairing it with a trip to Lego House, only a 15 minute walk away, would also be ideal.

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  1. There definitely is a water bottle tap. Not sure if it’s new or if you didn’t find it. It’s near the Ferrari tucked in on the left. We clocked it on arrival. Definitely agree with needing 2 days, we’re going back for a third today!


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