Review of Waterdrop – The world’s first microdrink

Waterdrop - The world's first microdrink

We are all encouraged to drink more water, the messages are everywhere!  However, I am a busy working Mum and do you know what?  Most of the time it’s mid-afternoon before I realise the only liquid that has passed my lips has been decidedly caffeine laced!

Waterdrop encourage you to ‘empower your water’ through adding these tiny ‘drops’ to your daily intake of water.  The little cubes are sugar-free and made with natural ingredients using extracts from plants and fruit.  These are compressed into tiny tablet like cubes, in their own individual packaging, which you can add to your water and carry around with you to add a different flavour to your water each time you re-fill your water bottle. 

This element of ‘re-filling’ is emphasised by the company as by re-filling your bottle and then adding flavour, you are reducing packaging by 97%.  This is a big bonus for me as I have set us a family target of taking water bottles with us and not constantly buying drinks in plastic bottles.

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The packaging is simply beautiful.  When I opened the box I really did feel that this was a real treat and a luxury item and would have been thrilled to receive this as a gift.  You can buy waterdrop by itself or can buy a branded glass or metal bottle to use with the product.  The bottle was well made, didn’t leak and I got lots of positive comments from work colleagues about it.  It really did feel like a ‘grown up’ water bottle and the waterdrops themselves prompted lots of conversations and eager volunteers to try the product!

Waterdrop - The world's first microdrink

Waterdrop comes in a 12 different flavours, each with a title such as ‘Relax’ or ‘Focus’ and each containing a variety of different plant or fruit extracts.  There was such a variety in the flavours and I found that my favourite flavour changed several times whilst reviewing the product.  My current favourite being ‘Focus’ which was lime based. 

Despite being a product very much aimed at adults, I did let the children have a try!  As they were sugar free and easy to carry round, they are ideal if your children, like mine, aren’t brilliant at drinking plain water.  Both kids preferred the berry based ones which did seem to have a slightly sweeter taste.  I found the drops really handy when travelling on our recent holiday, especially in France where it is often cheaper to buy a beer than a soft drink!

I really love this product, it still feels like a little bit of luxury during the day whenever I get the bottle out of my bag and the drops are so easy to keep in your bag.  It is a pricier product though, however, at the moment waterdrop is on offer so you can get 24 drops for £8.90 with free shipping! 

So if you are after a product which is handy when travelling, working and for day to day hydration for all, waterdrop might just be what you are looking for!

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