Review | Teebee – The Travel Toy Box

Review | Teebee - The Travel Toy Box

‘Be prepared’ is a moto that most parents stand by and I personally tend to still go out and about with a bag full of stuff to cover pretty much every eventuality, even though my kids are a little older now! 

One thing I always have with me, is something to entertain the kids and I can frequently be seen fishing in the bottom of the bag to locate the Hot Wheels etc. I thought were there!

Teebee solves this problem beautifully.  A portable lap tray and storage container in one, it provides your child with a unique, personalised, adaptable and most importantly wipe clean way of taking their most treasured possessions out and about with them. 

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Coming in 5 different colours, each Teebee contains a sorting tray, brick plate, leather strap, an eye sticker for personalisation (more can be purchased) and a colouring book with colour pencils.  The Teebee also comes with a leather strap which allows your child to carry their Teebee out and about with them, brilliant for those who like to be independent (and to reduce what’s in my bag)!

Review | Teebee - The Travel Toy Box

The folding lid has a secure but easy to use clasp which secures the box whilst carrying it about.  It easily folds out for play and has a sorting tray that lifts off to access the bigger storage area underneath. Part of the benefit of this unique folding design is that the shape allows the Teebee to sit between your legs with the sides folding onto your lap, creating a unique and secure play space.  The sorting tray also clips in to make a 3rd ‘arm’ and another play tray which was great!  This was particularly useful when in the car – we often find ourselves fishing for fallen toys which have fallen out of reach in the car, this allows the toys to be played with more securely with (hopefully) less being dropped!  We found that we needed to use the strap and attach it to the seatbelt to stop the Teebee overbalancing (although obviously follow any seatbelt safety instructions) otherwise enthusiastic play ensured it ended up on the floor… 

Review | Teebee - The Travel Toy Box

We found the Teebee was used in different ways by both our children (aged 5 and 9).  The 5-year-old frequently changed the contents of his, this ranged from cars, to Duplo, to Playmobil people and he liked the idea that this was his.  The older one used it more as an elaborate handbag- the contents stayed the same, but she packed a great deal in!  The younger one was also less interested in the contents that came with the Teebee (colouring book, pencils, bricks etc) but this was an integral part of the use for our 9-year-old who enjoyed working her way through the brick instructions (some of which were more complex) and the different challenges in the activity book.  She also liked looking at the suggested ways of filling the Teebee and as a result, Loom Bands have made a come-back in our house again!

Review | Teebee - The Travel Toy Box

Another feature of the Teebee is that it can be thoroughly cleaned and so can be used as a handy (and rather generous) lunchbox.  We did try this on a couple of occasions, but the children objected to this as they preferred them as toy boxes!  You can, however, fit quite a lot in and if it isn’t too heavy, the strap allows you to attach it to a rucksack for ease…

The only area for improvement we could think of was that the carry strap is one handed and when carrying the Teebee out and about, this meant one hand was taken up with the Teebee so possibly some sort of shoulder strap would allow it to be carried in a way that kept hands free for play (or mischief!).

The Teebee has become a firm favourite in our house and has been out and about with us over the past few weeks.  We have had so many compliments on this and lots of enthusiasm over the unique design and practicality of it.  So, if you are looking for a unique, practical and versatile gift for a child of any age for Christmas, I really would recommend the Teebee.  It’s also currently on offer on their website so the perfect time to buy!

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Rachel lives in Telford in Shropshire and is Mum to her little girl aged 7 and little boy aged 2.

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