Why you might need Portable Back Up Storage

Backup Plus Ultra Slim by Seagate

Like most people we take loads and loads of photos on holiday. In fairness due to hubby’s love of photography and this blog we probably take significantly more photos than most people and this means that when we are away we need to get those photos off our cameras and onto our laptop.  Fairly recently (as my older Macbook started to fade) it occurred to me that we had far too many photos stored just on the laptop and we could lose these if anything happened to it.  This started to panic me a little, I love love love our family photos.

In times of technical panic I always turn to my hubby (he’s good at these things and I’m not) but I also received an email asking us if we would like to review a portable hard drive from Seagate.  So what is a portable hard drive (if like me you aren’t very tech savvy).

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A Portable Hard Drive  backs up all your files from your computer so if your computer dies you still have everything that was on it.

The one we were sent is the Slim version and is only 113.5 x 76 x 12.1mm so, very thin. It would be easy to carry about with you, although I’d query why I would ever do this, but it wouldn’t take up a lot of room in my travel bag either.

It is 2TB now I honestly had no idea what that really means, what is 2 tetrabytes?  It is 2000 GB, my iPhone (useless) has 16 GB. So it’s big then and will hold a lot of photos!

Easy to Use? Yes. Literally Plug it in (if you have a PC), download software, and then click Backup! That’s it.  If you have a Mac you have to install the OS driver first.

Mine is red, but you can also get other colours and smaller/larger versions and the price is dependant on size.  The one we have would have been £85.

I’d say this is an essential piece of equipment for most homes. We all store a lot of our life on computers these days so if you don’t want to lose it, back it up!

The Backup Plus Slim was sent to me by Seagate to review. All opinions are my own.

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