Flying with Kids

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Flying during Covid with Kids

There was a few differences but it was absolutely fine and I didn’t feel worried at all. 

We had pre-booked this trip back in January so when restrictions were released and Greece welcomed us back we had to decide whether to take the trip. In the end you have to make you own decisions about these things, but we obviously decided to fly.

So what can you expect!

7 Things I’ll be packing for the flight during Covid

So this isn’t a should you shouldn’t you post about flying with kids during Covid. There are plenty of those you can find.

You will also have your own view on whether you are going to fly with your kids during this Covid period, or not. If you’ve chosen not to fly, we completely understand but if you have decided to, then here’s our thoughts on what we will be doing.

7 Top Tips for Flying with Kids with hand luggage only!

Can you fly as a family, with hand luggage only? Yes you can and here are 7 Top Tips for flying with kids with hand luggage only!


10 Top Tips for Flying with Babies

We first flew with our three mini travellers when our eldest was 18 months and the twins were 6 months old.  We went to Bordeaux in France and we survived. The airline staff might have looked at is incredulously when we checked in, but we did manage it! So how did we do it, how did we survive Flying with Babies?

10 Top Tips for Flying with Toddlers

We flew to Greece with our three mini travellers, when they were 3.5 and 2.5 (twins) and we survived. So how did we do it? We followed our 10 Top Tips for Flying with Toddlers!

10 Top Tips for Flying with Children – Ten Top Tips

We’ve put together our Top Tips on Flying with Children for all those families flying out this summer.

Flying long haul with a 1 year old: A Survival Guide.

So you might be thinking of flying long haul with a 1 year old?  Or you might be thinking that ins’t possible? You might also be thinking I’d need a large Gin & Tonic to get through that, or you might be thinking the very thought of it gives you indigestion!

Flying with Ryanair was not that bad

Now flying with Ryanair is a pet hate for some. They have a very very bad reputation. But here we are, 3 hours into a 4 and a half hour flight to Lanzarote with 3 kids and I am typing up a blog post to say it’s really not all that bad. So what has worked and why am I saying Flying with Ryanair was not that bad?