Flying with Ryanair was not that bad!


Now flying with Ryanair is a pet hate for some. They have a very very bad reputation. But here we are, 3 hours into a 4 and a half hour flight to Lanzarote with 3 kids and I am typing up a blog post to say it’s really not all that bad. So what has worked and why am I saying Flying with Ryanair was not that bad?

1 We booked a flight that left Liverpool at a very decent time (this is unusual for Ryanair admittedly). A lunchtime flight is usually charged at a premium. However these flights were less than £100 each. A big tick.

2 Ryanair is trying to make itself more child friendly. It cost us half the price to book our seats for the children, and half the price for luggage. So if you allocate your luggage to a child rather than an adult you save money.

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3 We have three car seats in the hold at no cost. My children are 4, 3 and 3 and these have been carried in the hold for free. I may have to change the post I’m writing if we arrive and they haven’t got them, but I’m hopeful! The same applies to pushchairs that can also be carried for no additional cost. (They arrived!)

4 We have taken a big picnic, including lots of snacks. We have our own sandwiches, drinks, crisps, sweets, chocolate etc. It’s keeping the kids entertained and keeping our costs down.

5 Yes our luggage allowance was low, only 15kg, but the problems arise with Ryanair if you haven’t weighed the luggage, and your baggage weighs over the limit. This is when you are charged a lot of money and feel ripped off. We weighed ours at home so ours was within the weight allowance so no extra charge.

6. We checked in online. If you forget to do so, you will be charged a lot. Play by the rules, and check in online and your check in is easy and quick. This is actually a plus to me travelling with Ryanair. Because everyone checks in online, the check in queue moves quickly.

What is annoying about flying with Ryanair?

I will always be annoyed by Ryanair refusing to turn the seatbelt sign off until after they have done the first cabin service. I appreciate it makes cabin service go quicker, but when you have a little one who wants to go for a wee, it’s terribly frustrating. It also makes a mockery of the safety element of it.

The yellow. Yes I know its corporate branding but it is off putting when it’s right in your eye line.

But that’s it. That’s all I’ve got on the negatives. The staff were really polite, kind to the little ones and smiled a lot. The plane was clean, even though it had just landed, and it arrived on time.

There is now an hour left and my little ones have just reached the end of their patience. This next hour might require a little more input than the last 3 hours (which the iPad has covered) but that’s not bad really. Not bad at all.



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8 thoughts on “Flying with Ryanair was not that bad!”

  1. I’ve only ever done two flights with my little one. One when he was 4 months and although I absolutely dreaded it, he slept the entire way there and back. The second he was 18 months and a little harder to keep entertained/in his seat, but even that was as awful as I’d imagined it. I hope the last hour or so of your flight wasn’t too bad!

  2. Ooh really interesting post. I’ve never flown with Ryan Air and have been put off by all the negative press they’ve had. However, you’ve made me reconsider and will look into their offers in future. Also, great tips on keeping costs down and sticking to the rules!

    Thanks for linking up #SundayStars xx

  3. Well, I am positively sold. I’ve always had a bad vibe from Ryan Air and have only ever flown with them once (admittedly, that was fine!) – but I might be tempted to check them out next time we go away…!

    thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  4. I have a real aversion to Ryanair for a lot of reasons. You are right: if you follow the rules to the letter, you will likely be ok.

    But it’s small (and some big) things that ruin it for me: in my face sales is one of those. As you mention they make a mockery of safety procedures by enforcing them for commercial purposes.

    The other one- especially pertinent with kids is the airport location. Their Venice airport for example is miles from Venice. I actually drove past the airport, it’s so small and insignificant, twice!!! without realising that was the airport.

    Always check transport links from these regional airports, because you really don’t want to be stuck there with kids.

    Ultimately with Ryanair you win on cost, but you have to pay in much more stringent preparation. That’s the trade-off.

    • I think that is actually one of the great things about Lanzarote, just the one airport so you can’t go wrong with that. It’s definitely very important to check those transport links!
      Thanks for the detailed comment.


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