Flying Long Haul With A 1 Year Old: A Survival Guide

Flying Long Haul With A 1 Year Old: A Survival Guide

So you might be thinking of flying long haul with a 1 year old?  Or you might be thinking that ins’t possible? You might also be thinking I’d need a large Gin & Tonic to get through that, or you might be thinking the very thought of it gives you indigestion!

However life doesn’t need to stop just because you have a baby.  You just need a survival guide which helps you carry on, and live life on the go!

So here are 8 Top Tips for Flying Long Haul with a 1 year old!

1. Plan Ahead

A night time flight is easier with a baby as they sleep for a good amount of the journey. Unfortunately you might get a night flight one way and a day the other.

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2. Apologise

When you get on board immediately apologise to those sitting around you! Hopefully they will have flown with children before and will be understanding of the difficult time you may have ahead!

3.Own Seat

Got spare cash? Book your baby their own seat.  If you can afford it this will make your journey a lot more relaxed. If you can’t then cross your fingers that you might get moved to be by a spare seat.

Top Tip: When booking your seat online go for ones near the front or middle where you may have some extra floor space.

4. Ask for a meal

Under two’s don’t get their own on board meal but every time I have asked staff they have always come round at the end with a spare one. Even if your baby just plays with the cutlery it will keep them entertained for a short time.

5. Entertainment

Before you go away download some baby suitable app’s, a favourite here was ‘Bubbles’ which is free and baby just has to tap the screen to pop the bubbles. It only kept him busy for a short time but sometimes you just need a minute! You can also download episodes from Cbeebies on iPlayer.

Top Tip – learn how to turn on guided access on your phone to disable the home button.

6. Walk around

Let your baby walk around in departures as much as possible before flying. This should make the sitting still for a long time slightly easier.

When the cabin is quiet, let baby walk up and down the aisle, most passengers like seeing their smiling faces and it will burn off some energy, hopefully resulting in a snooze like this.

Flying Long Haul With A 1 Year Old: A Survival Guide

7. Be Organised

Have everything you may need packed in your bag at your feet. Snacks, drinks, toys, books and wet wipes are all must haves!

8. Take a sling

You won’t get your pushchair back until you get your luggage. Sometimes it’s a long walk or bus ride to the terminal so by taking a small sling will save your energy. A Connecta packs up really small so if perfect for the job.

We hope this list helps you and that you have a stress-free flight and an amazing holiday.

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Flying Long Haul With A 1 Year Old- A Survival Guide

NB: This post is in collaboration with Rennie but all thoughts and opinions are the writers own.

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5 thoughts on “Flying Long Haul With A 1 Year Old: A Survival Guide”

  1. I love how you’ve balanced the baby and food so well. I love these tips. We flew the 8 hours with a baby to Abu Dhabi and I wish we’d walked about a bit more. At one point I had him locked in the bathroom so that he could play with his reflection 😀

  2. A big lesson for us with flying with a little one was NOT to take up the offer of early boarding for families. That just meant extra time onboard and lots of sitting while the rest of the plane loaded. Running in circles whilst the rest of the plane boarded was much more fun!

    • Ooh and one more! Take a change of clothes for you too. Then when little one inevitably tips your g and t all over you, or flings their purée into your lap, or is sick, or their nappy leaks when they’re sat on your lap, you don’t have to sit for the rest of the flight damp and smelly! (Bitter experience!)


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