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Flying with Children – Ten Top Tips

Flying with Children – Ten Top Tips

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We are working with Villa Plus today and have been checking out their offers for 2018 which have just launched. Some of you have been huge fans of our other articles Flying with Toddlers and Flying with Babies so we’ve put together our Top Tips on Flying with Children for all those families flying out this summer.

So whether you are flying to Madrid for a city break, to Florida to soak up the sun, or to Croatia for a relaxing villa break with Villa Plus.  Here are my ten top tips for Flying with Children!

Tip 1: Take lots and lots of food, a breakfast picnic, a lunchtime one etc. It helps with boredom at the airport, on the plane, when you arrive. My bag when we travel is literally full of food!

Tip 2: Comfy clothes.  Layers mainly. In my experience you can be boiling on a plane one minute and freezing the next. So t-shirts, hoody, coat etc

Tip 3: Meet and Greet parking and speedy security. Quick and avoids unnecessary queues that all add to stress and boredom levels. Have a look at my other post for more on this.

Tip 4: A bag of treats. On this day of the year (my view only) rules on treats go out of the window. If the kids are quiet/good/don’t scream they get chocolate/crisps/juice whatever they want really. If a chocolate button works to get you through a tricky situation. Just hand one over.

Tip 5: Fill their hand luggage with a few new goodies. I’ve got these new Pipity activity sets for our next flight, but whatever works for yours. I just find something ‘new’ helps a lot and allows you time to relax by the pool when you get there too!

Flying with Children - Ten Top Tips

Tip 6:  A tablet filled up with favourite episodes of television programmes. BBC iPlayer is fantastic for this as all the downloads are free. Take headphones too to keep them quiet.

Tip 7: Enthusiasm and patience. It would help if they sold it in duty free. More useful than some cheap perfume. Fundamentally you need to stay calm and have fun. If you are relaxed then they are more likely to be. Were we? Not really, but the kids had a ball and smiled happily at everyone around us.

Tip 8: Put everyones tablets/phones/cameras/electrical equipment in one hand luggage bag to help you get through security quicker and easier, and if one person (hubby in our house) is responsible for it all, something is less likely to get lost.

Tip 9: Take games that all the family can play. For our post on travel games we recommend just click here.

Tip 10: Smile at everyone. I always find that people find it harder to be cross with you on the flight if you smile at them.  Also smiling makes you feel happier and the kids too!

Follow our tips and you’ll soon arrive at your holiday, ready to relax and enjoy time with your family!

Flying with Children - Ten Top Tips

If anyone has any other tips to add we would love to hear from you.

Why not check out Villa Plus today and all their fabulous offers for 2018, you could be lying in the sun sooner than you think!

NB: This is a collaborative post with Villa Plus

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Flying with Children - Ten Top Tips

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