10 Ways To Boss Flying with Children

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So whether you are flying to New York for a city break, to Florida to soak up the sun, or to the Caribbean to chill on the beach.  Here are out ten top tips for Flying with Children!

1. Wear Comfy Clothes

Tips for Flying with kids, Photo Credit Deposit Photos.
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

 Layers mainly. In my experience, you can be boiling on a plane one minute and freezing the next. So t-shirts, hoody, coats. But I also have a spare t-shirt handy, kids spill all the time.

2. Book Meet and Greet Parking and Speedy Security

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Quick and avoids unnecessary queues that all add to stress and boredom levels. Get the kids quickly through the airport and prevent boredom thus tantrums.

3. Take A Bag of Treats

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On this day of the year (my view only), rules on treats go out of the window. If the kids are quiet/good/don’t scream they get chocolate/crisps/juice whatever they want really. If a chocolate button works to get you through a tricky situation. Just hand one over.

4. Take Lots of Food

Tips for Flying with kids, snacks Photo Credit Sarah Christie Created on Adobe Firefly
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie Created on Adobe Firefly.

A breakfast picnic, a lunchtime one etc. It helps with boredom at the airport, on the plane, when you arrive. My bag when we travel is literally full of food!

5. Fill Their Hand Luggage with Activities

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For an entertaining and stress-free flight with kids, consider packing a variety of engaging activities. This includes coloring books, activity books, sticker books, reading materials, portable electronics with headphones, puzzle games, craft kits, snacks, interactive maps, “I Spy,” music/audiobooks, sensory bags, travel-sized board games, and educational apps.

Choose activities based on your child’s age and interests, and maintain a balance between screen time and other activities. Involve your child in the packing process to create a sense of ownership over their entertainment options.

6. A Tablet Filled With Favourite Television Programmes

Tips for Flying with kids, Photo Credit Karen Beddow.
Photo Credit: Karen Beddow.

Bringing a tablet filled with favorite episodes of a television program on a trip is an excellent way to keep entertainment accessible and enjoyable while traveling. Here are some advantages of having a tablet loaded with preferred TV episodes:

7. Put Everyones Tablets/Phones/Cameras in One Hand Luggage Bag

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Photo Credit: Karen Beddow.

To help you get through security quicker and easier, and if one person (hubby in our house) is responsible for it all, something is less likely to get lost.

8. Enthusiasm and Patience

Tips for Flying with kids, Photo Credit Deposit Photos.-2
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

It would help if they sold it in duty free. More useful than some cheap perfume. Fundamentally you need to stay calm and have fun. If you are relaxed then they are more likely to be. Were we? Not really, but the kids had a ball and smiled happily at everyone around us.

9. Take Games That all the Family Can Play

Printable Elf Passport Stamps Photo Credit Sarah Christie Extraordinary Chaos
Photo Credit: Sarah Christie Extraordinary Chaos.

It’s handy to have a supply of travel games as it provides entertainment, encourages bonding, offers educational value, reduces screen time, promotes social interaction. Plus keeps kids busy during downtime. Which can also serve as a source of emergency entertainment during unexpected delays or disruptions.

10. Smile at Everyone

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Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

There are always grouches on a flight. Some people actively roll their eyes when they see kiddies sitting nearby. I always find that people find it harder to be cross with you on the flight if you smile at them.  Also, smiling makes you feel happier and the kids too, so there is less tension all round.

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