Tips for Glastonbury with Kids

Kids at a festival walking through a field of tents

Glastonbury is an amazing music festival and one of the best uk festivals. It has many special areas dedicated to kids, such as the Green Kids area, Kidzfields, Circus fields, family camping fields and even free craft activities. Suppose you’re planning to attend the Glastonbury Festival with kids. In that case, you will want to get the best experience possible, introduce children to live music, and enjoy a unique experience with the whole family. 

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Everything you need to know about Glastonbury with kids

Here are some tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at Worthy Farm. 

Prepare in advance and stay safe.

Familiarise yourself with the festival layout, stages, and attractions. Make a schedule of performances and activities suitable for children before you go. Glastonbury is a huge area so one of the first things to do on your first day is to check out the area and the information point. Likewise 

Set meeting points and discuss safety beforehand. 

You may not have a phone signal at much of the festival so If you have older kids or Teens it is essential to establish specific meeting points and times in case anyone gets separated from the group. 

Glastonbury has the Lost Kids service. But it is always good to designate a spot you are all familiar with or teach your children to find a festival staff member if they need help. Make sure your children know about the festival’s Lost Kids service and how to seek assistance if they get separated from you. Write your contact information on their wristbands or clothing tags.

Dress them in bright colours or distinctive clothing: In crowded areas, it can be easier to spot your child if they are wearing bright colours or clothing that stands out. This will help you keep an eye on them more easily.

Green fields Glastonbury

Do kids need a ticket for the Glastonbury festival?

No the great thing about visiting Glastonbury with kids is that children under 12 are actually free and do not need an actual ticket. They also do not even need to register. All children do need to be accompanying an adult with a ticket. If children are near the age of 12 you will need a photo ID.

Where to stay at Glastonbury Festival with Kids?

There are many choices when staying at Glastonbury Festival with kids depending on how much you are willing to pay. 

Consider camping in a family-friendly area to ensure a more peaceful environment for your children. Some areas may have designated family camping zones, so check the festival’s website for information. You may choose to Glamp at Glastonbury or pitch your own tent either way ensure you are in the family area.

Pre-erected tents onsite such as Tangerine Fields which is a short walk and an onsite camp. There are also a variety of off-site camps which offer camping throughout the festival season such as Ziggu Camp and Land and Sky.

Glastonbury pyramid in lego
Glastonbury pyramid in lego

What are the toilets like at Glastonbury?

There are plenty of festival toilets at Glastonbury that consist of raised long-drops where you squat over a hole with no water. Compost loos, where you use sawdust to cover after and some not very many portaloos. Now bear in mind these do smell but there are thousands of toilets and you may have to queue during busy times. 

Toilets away from the main late-night stages such as the toilets in the Kidzfield and Greenpeace kids tend to be slightly better unless you are in hospitality which is obviously the best. If you have small children you can take a disposable potty and tip this into the long drop loos.

Where to go with kids at Glastonbury.

There are so many different parts of the family festival attractions to explore. From Green Fields, Kidzfield, the Rabbit Hole and even more! The atmosphere is adorable with lots of people having fun and mingling underneath fairy lights and wooded areas.


Kidzfield is a dedicated area within the Glastonbury Festival that caters specifically to children and families. It offers a wide range of activities, entertainment, and attractions suitable for kids of all ages.

Kidz Field features a main stage where children can enjoy live performances by musicians, bands, and entertainers specifically geared towards their age group. These performances often include music, comedy, puppet shows, storytelling, and interactive acts. There is also a circus where kids can try their hand at various circus skills such as juggling, hula hooping, diabolo spinning, plate spinning, and even trapezing. Professional circus performers and instructors are available to teach and guide children through these activities.

There are workshops for kids at  Kidzfield that offer diverse workshops where children can engage in arts and crafts, face painting, mask-making, tie-dyeing, and other creative activities. These workshops allow kids to explore their artistic side and take home their own creations. Kids can always use one of the dedicated play areas too. There are designated play areas within Kidzfield children can enjoy inflatable slides, bouncy castles, climbing frames, and other exciting play structures. These areas provide a safe and enjoyable space for kids to burn off energy and have fun. 

Do not miss the Storytelling and Theatre with young children either. Kidzfield often hosts storytelling sessions and interactive theatre performances where kids can immerse themselves in magical tales and participate in the storytelling process. These sessions aim to foster a love for literature and spark children’s imagination.

Glastonbury Kids pirate ship play area

Occasionally there are Face-to-Face Encounters at Kidzfield.

These opportunities allow for children to meet and interact with their favourite characters from books, TV shows, or movies. These meet-and-greet sessions allow kids to have memorable experiences and capture photos with beloved characters.

It’s important to note that the specific activities and offerings in Kidzfield may vary from year to year. 

Kidzfield is a safe space with stewards located at the gates to ensure no kids wander off. The area is aimed at the under 12’s, smaller children and their parents and is open between 9 am and 7 pm on the weekend days of the festival which is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Green Kids area 

The Green Kids Area is a dedicated section within the Glastonbury Festival that focuses on promoting environmental awareness, sustainability, and eco-friendly activities for children. It offers a range of interactive experiences and educational opportunities related to environmental stewardship. It’s a quiet smaller area than the Kidfield and has a more chilled vibe.

At the entrance is a rock climbing wall with a huge pirate ship play area offering all the workshops and craft sessions. Children can use recycled materials or sustainable resources to engage in eco-friendly arts and crafts projects. This allows them to explore their creativity while learning about the importance of reducing waste and repurposing materials.

The area also hosts performances, storytelling sessions, puppet shows, or interactive theatres that revolve around environmental themes. These engaging activities aim to entertain and educate children about sustainability and environmental issues and as always they are free!

Kids at a festival walking through a field of tents

The Wood  

The Wood at Glastonbury is a captivating and enchanting area within the festival grounds close to the John Peel stage and the Pyramid stage making it great for a quick escape in between shows. Nestled among the trees, it offers a sylvan sanctuary where festivalgoers can escape the bustling crowds and immerse themselves in a serene and magical atmosphere.

The Wood features a treetop walkway adorned with enchanting lights, creating a whimsical and ethereal ambience. It provides a tranquil space to wander, relax, and appreciate the beauty of nature, offering a welcome respite from the lively festival experience.

The Glastonbury Sign

Do not forget to nip up Pennard Hill to the famous Glastonbury sign. It is a bit of a walk but a must-do during the festival and a great photo opportunity with amazing views and iconic.

​More Tips for Kids at Glastonbury.

Take a Buggy or a Wagon

It can often be a long walk from the family camping area to other attractions. Try a wagon you can pack with toys, snacks and extra clothes in case your little ones need a break.

Pack essentials

Pack the right essentials for the children before you go. You need to prepare for all of the different weather scenarios as a festival in the rain is no fun if you are not prepared. Bring sunscreen, hats, raincoats, comfortable shoes, and extra layers of clothing for the kids. Don’t forget to bring snacks, water bottles, and wet wipes for quick cleanups.

Protect against noise

Bring ear protectors for your kids such as ear plugs or ear defenders to protect from loud noise especially if you plan to be close to the main stages. Loud music can be overwhelming for young children, so it’s essential to protect their hearing. It can also be noisy at night with the festival site playing loud music until the early hours.

Stay hydrated

Keep your children hydrated throughout the festival. Bring refillable water bottles and make use of the water stations available on-site.

Take breaks

Glastonbury can be overwhelming, so plan breaks during the day to rest and recharge. Find quieter areas away from the main stages, or take advantage of the dedicated children’s areas and activities.

Glastonbury festival 2022 poster

Be mindful of crowds.

Keep a close eye on your children in crowded areas. Hold their hands or use child harnesses for younger ones to prevent them from getting lost.

Embrace the experience

Glastonbury is a unique festival with a vibrant atmosphere. Encourage your children to immerse themselves in the music, art, and community spirit, making lasting memories. Remember to prioritize the safety and well-being of your children throughout the festival. Have fun and enjoy the experience together.

Identify child-friendly facilities

 Locate the family-oriented facilities, such as baby changing stations, nursing areas, and quiet zones for breastfeeding or nap time. Familiarise yourself with the festival’s policies regarding strollers and pushchairs.

Stay weather-aware and be prepared for rain!

Glastonbury can experience various weather conditions, so be prepared for bad weather such as rain, mud, or even heat. There is nothing worse than being at a festival in the rain. So be prepared for a festival in the rain by bringing rain gear, and waterproof footwear. Likewise, if it is sunny make sure you have sunscreen to ensure your children stay comfortable and protected.

Bring entertainment options and toys for kids.

Pack small toys, colouring pages, puzzles, or portable games to keep your kids entertained during downtime or while waiting for performances. This can be especially helpful during long queues or travel times.

Plan for meals and snacks.

Eating at a festival can be expensive there are plenty of food stalls where you can get food and drinks but it is a good idea to take your own. Glastonbury offers a wide range of food options, but it’s always a good idea to have some snacks and easy-to-eat meals on hand for your kids. Pack some healthy and convenient snacks that your children enjoy. Cereal bars are a good idea to have on hand and are easy to pack.

Take advantage of the free workshops.

Glastonbury often offers workshops specifically designed for children, including arts and crafts, storytelling, and music sessions. Check the festival’s schedule or program for activities your kids might enjoy.

Practice good hygiene

With large crowds and shared facilities many not having washing places with soap, it’s important to maintain good hygiene practices. Teach your kids to wash their hands regularly and carry hand sanitiser for convenience or baby wipes or hygiene wipes for quick clean-ups.

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