Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree….


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree how lovely are your branches!

I am a huge huge fan of a real Christmas Tree. For me it isn’t Christmas if you can’t smell the real pine branches.

This year our tree once again was delivered and gifted to us from Pines and Needles.  What do you think??

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

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Pines and Needles will take your order, you can specify the type of tree you want and when it arrives if you don’t like the look of it you can send it back and get another without argument- this is just the type of service I need at such a hectic time of year 😉 Also if you are thinking of going away for Christmas, perhaps staying in a cottage, you shouldn’t feel like you can’t have a tree, as Pines and Needles will even deliver to your Holiday destination cottage if it within their reach.

Alternatively you could think about Gifting A Tree?  It’s like sending flowers but A MILLION TIMES BETTER. Just think how amazing it would be to get a giant package landing on your doorstep, sent from a well-wishing friend or family member, which then is the centrepiece of your entire Christmas celebrations.

It ticks so many boxes – eco-friendly, family-friendly, original – so why not play at being Santa this year and gift a tree to your nearest and dearest. Or Gift a tree to those that need it – Christmas is a time for giving after all!

Mini Trees

We’ve also got these fantastic Mini Christmas Trees that the girls have decorated themselves and are in their bedrooms…

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

But for me the other things about Christmas Trees is the tales they tell too. Every year I to get a new decoration for the tree. It doesn’t have to be purchased at Christmas, some of them over time have been bought throughout the year but the tree does need a new decoration every year.

Here are some of my favourite Christmas Tree decorations and the stories behind them:

2010 – A My First Christmas Bauble for Lily. She was 3 months old and whilst she clearly didn’t appreciate said bauble at the time, it was so special to me and remains so. I remember vividly he not being awake on Christmas morning and me being so excited to get up and do Christmas – I’ve always loved it you see and now it is so amazing to share those things with them as they’ve grown.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

In 2007 when I’d just met my husband we escaped to Jamaica for Christmas as we wanted to spend it together but didn’t know each others families that well. This bauble was purchased in a Jamaican market somewhere as we watched Santa later that day arrive onto the beach by speedboat!



I bought this Liverpool City Scene bauble when we first moved over to Merseyside in 2008 we had just got engaged and had bought the house we are still in and intend to be in for a very very long time. It’s a beautiful hand drawn bauble and it was a house warming gift to myself!


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....


Finally there are a few of these gin baubles on my tree too!  I bought my Sister in Law some for her Christmas birthday as I think it’s a real treat to find them on your tree, it’s like the grown up equivalent of chocolates on the tree!  You can find out where to buy them in my Christmas Gin Gift Guide for 2018!


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

So what goes on your tree? Do you have ay favourite Christmas baubles with stories?

Also whilst we are talking about Christmas have you been to visit Santa yet?

If not here are a list of Santa Experiences across the UK

Here is also a list of some of the best pantomimes that are on across the UK this year.

You also need to set the record button to watch this year’s Julia Donaldson Christmas Special in form of Zog which will be on BBC1 on Christmas day!



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