Multi-Stop Camping Adventure with Canvas Holidays

Multi-Stop Camping Adventure with Canvas Holidays

Ready, Steady, ROADTRIP! Our multi-stop camping adventure begins here!

With the freedom that family sites bring, in my opinion, camping (at least once) with your little ones is a must, but lugging equipment can be a logistical nightmare and sometimes, let’s be honest, we all crave a little relaxation!

Cue Canvas Holidays. Canvas Holidays have been arranging fantastic family holidays for British holiday makers for over 50 years. Clean, well planned sites, ready to roll tents, caravans and lodges which offer those little extras are a formula which have helped to create many a memory.

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How to plan a family camping road trip?

With summer 2020 in sight here are my top tips for getting ready for a family camping road trip.

  • Choose your wish list of places. Involve the children in choosing sites; Show them pictures to help build the excitement and get them ready for what’s to come.
  • Safety first: Check the rules for the road, especially in each country if you are driving, I make cue cards for each with the main, current rules for each, held together with a key ring.
  • Pack an easily accessible first aid pack and make sure you are carrying essentials like warning triangles and breathalysers – required by law in some countries.

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  • Entertainment on route. Loads of options here, including your usual candidates, plus DVD players are a great way to turn your backseats into the cinema. You can make a road trip bingo hall, listen to audio CDs, even work in a little karaoke! Make the journey an adventure rather than a chore.
  • Pack with some space. This year we will be using a roof box to give the children more space while travelling. We allow them to pack a small bag of favourite toys or activities which they can easily access.
  • Snacks! Snacks for the trip, snacks for when you arrive! Snacks snacks snacks are the key to a harmonious journey!
  • Relax! You’ve earned it!

Louise is sharing her Multi-Stop Camping Adventure which they took in 2019 with their kids aged 5, 8 and 20! It was a blast!. To be clear this is the holiday they were booking before they agreed to work with Canvas. As returning customers they were so excited to try out a range of accommodation in 3 different countries.

So what did they do!

4 stops, 20 days… Switzerland, Italy, Lake Garda then a few days near Venice, France, then finally home.

Stop one… Camping Manor Farm

Known as the gateway to the mountains, Interlaken is a 5-minute road trip from Camping Manor Farm. Boasting cable cars and a railway up to the Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe, the contrast of options here makes the area a treat for all.

What did they plan do to at Interlaken?

Adventure by day and calm by night. Past visitor reviews praise both Canvas staff and the site itself, with many planning their return trips. After our first long drive they couldn’t wait to soak in the serenity of the lake in the evening and take in the breath-taking scenery.

Multi-Stop Camping Adventure with Canvas Holidays

What did they actually do at Camping Manor Farm Interlaken?

Lots of places here are geared for children, ours particularly enjoyed Mannlichen, recommended by Canvas rep Tracey, where a wooden adventure park was the treat at the end of a mountain walk which lead to breath taking views of the Jungfrau. Sadly, we didn’t have the time, clothing, or honestly the required 708 Francs for our family of 5 (we got 1.20 Francs to £1) to travel to the very top on this occasion although it is something we would certainly plan for when returning. The chorus chimes of cow bells and warm hot chocolate are memories we will treasure and the experience is something that simply can not be recreated.

Louise Binns

You can read Louise’s full review of Camping Manor Farm, Interlaken

Review Camping Manor Farm, Interlaken, Switzerland with Canvas Holidays

Stop two…Camping Bella Italia

What did they plan do to at Bella Italia?

5-star family service awaits at the bustling site in Italy. In contrast to the oasis of Interlaken, our days here, in one of Lake Garda’s busiest resorts will be filled with waterslides and entertainment. Though the site promises a relaxed pace of life I’m not sure my little ones will take this on board! The sights and sensations of luxurious Italian Ice cream and amongst others, a trip to Movie Land just 40 minutes drive away are going to be a must at Camping Bella Italia. The site itself offers a range of relaxation and entertainment for adults and children alike, with a site run children’s club which will no doubt be used at some point during our stay.

Busy days exploring the area and fun nights with entertainment for all the family; a variety of restaurants and snack bars and a Moda Mobile home with all important air-conditioning all promise a comfortable and fun packed stay with exploration, relaxation and enjoyment at its heart.

Multi-Stop Camping Adventure with Canvas Holidays

What did they actually get up to at Bella Italia?

Absolutely loads and too much for this round up so you’ll need to read the full review of Bella Italia with Canvas Holidays here.

With an absolute opt in or out, no pressure atmosphere, you can literally fill your day or take no part in the comprehensive on-site offer. Loads of free activities are available for adults and children alike at Bella Italia, with kid’s club running daily between 10 and 12, then 3 and 5. Our youngest loved the kids clubs at Bella Italia, coming back with various art pieces, face paint and getting excited over poolside games. I personally liked the awareness of safety with an extra band being placed around her wrist, indicating that she was not to leave on her own but wait with the friendly staff.

Louise Binns
Review | Bella Italia with Canvas Holidays on Lake Garda, Italy

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Multi-Stop Camping Adventure with Canvas Holidays

Stop three…Marina de Venezia

Their final stop in Italy was Marina de Venezia.

What did they think Marina de Venezia would be like?

Highlights of the site here are the entertainment and pool complex; boasting 6 swimming pools, large children’s pool and wealth of shops, bars and restaurants.

 Looking at Canvas’ own photographs of the site before we went brought shrieks of excitement for the mini train on the large site, with excitement also building for beach and sea, just a stone’s throw from the placements.  Whilst I’m sure a trip to Venice will be a highlight, the site promises to be a treat for all ages.

Multi-Stop Camping Adventure with Canvas Holidays

What was Marina de Venezia actually like?

Within 40 minutes of arrival we were breathing the soothing air of the Mediterranean and splashing in the sea. I’m a big fan of the ocean so the fact that it was approximately 2 minutes walk from our tent was a huge plus and exactly what was needed after a hot drive with failed air con!  This is by far and away the biggest site we have ever been on. It’s split into 2 clear halves with a ‘main road’ through the centre, so part of my review involved a drive round! The staff on reception are great and our Canvas rep couldn’t have been more helpful so we were off to a good start!

Louise Binns

You can read Louise’s full Review of Marina de Venezia here.

Review | Camping Marina di Venezia | Campsite near Venice

Stop four…Camping L’Idéal

With lots to explore in the local area, the site is an idea base for water sport lovers, or, patisserie lovers!

Louise and family were only staying for a few days and some rest was essential in preparation for the long drive home, however there was SOOO much to do!

Camping L’Ideal de Annecy itself was beautiful, set in the surroundings of the French Alps just a couple of miles above Lake Annecy.  This site was much smaller than we had stayed at for the majority of our multi stop camping holiday but the first thing we noticed was how very well equipped it was for such a small site. On speaking to our rep, it became apparent that the site is owned by a family who spend large parts of the closed season updating and adding to the wonderful facilities. Situated on a slight hill, no matter where you are located you have a beautiful view as you leave your accommodation in the morning and it provides the perfect backdrop for alfresco dining.

Louise Binns

You can read their full Review of Camping L’Idéal

Review | Camping L'Ideal de Annecy | Campsite in the French Alps

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