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Hotel Costa Calero, Lanzarote

Hotel Costa Calero, Lanzarote

After a year with no holidays abroad the kids were desperate to go on a ‘proper’ holiday which apparently involves a plane. 3 years ago we had a fabulous October half term break in Lanzarote which had perfect accommodation for a family of five which always seems to be our biggest issue. We booked through On The Beach and chose Hotel Costa Calero again.

When we travelled for hours and days to Dubai and Thailand the children declared that they enjoyed the break but would preferred to have gone to Lanzarote. After all, there were swimming pools in both places and it wasn’t so far away.
Review | Hotel Costa Calero, Lanzarote
So as a first, we booked exactly the same place and it took away a lot of the anticipated stress about transfers and what to expect as we knew exactly what we were getting with Hotel Costa Calero.
We flew with Ryan Air which was probably the biggest headache of any flights we have taken. Clearly Craig refused to pay for seat allocation so we ended up split up. Can’t  help but wonder if this was a ploy to sit by himself. The seat booking seemed exceedingly complicated as did the process of what we were doing regarding bags. We usually only ever travel with hand luggage but it seemed this was not even straightforward. Craig insisted all bags were weighed and measured to ensure they met the regulations which appeared very strict. Ultimately nobody weighed the stupid bags or checked for dimensions.( FYI our total baggage was 23 kg between 5 of us.) But then we couldn’t check the bags in before security unless we paid, and that wasn’t happening. So we had to discard all the prescription lotions and potions we had brought for our itchy kids and then re-purchase them at Boots once thru. And then I realised we had accidentally paid for parking twice so hadn’t actually saved any money at all!
The flight was non eventful and supplemented with the most expensive crisps and coffee to spite Craig who was sitting alone and not encountering constant questions from the kids about planes, weather and WiFi.
Review | Hotel Costa Calero, Lanzarote
Transfer toHotel Costa Calero was under an hour and although the last drop off, I’m sure we had the best destination. Usually I have that dreaded heart sink moment that your hotel will be a hovel and everyone else has booked the perfect haven of luxury.
We were delighted to be given a free upgrade to a family suite which far surpassed the room we had previously.  Two large bedrooms, a living room area and a big garden to ourselves with seating. And there was a bath which is always a big plus for sticky kids.
Review | Hotel Costa Calero, Lanzarote
One of the draws of Hotel Costa Calero is that although all inclusive it actually feels exclusive.No wine cows at breakfast and help yourself to beer out of a keg, but proper actual bottles, a lot of choice and cocktails and CAVA! Food choices were fairly standard but extensive choices and something for everyone.The pool areas were very quiet and clearly the hotel was not at capacity so we usually had a whole swimming pool to ourselves with only the occasional visitor.
Review | Hotel Costa Calero, Lanzarote
The majority of the guests at Hotel Costa Calero were elderly but there were a few families and there is clearly disabled access as there were several residents in various types of wheelchairs using all the facilities. I love this place because it is so peaceful. No loud music blaring, forced entertainment or in your face children’s activities. The kids joined in several of the kids clubs activities like pool , dancing and water polo and they had a couple of days when there were inflatables in the Swimming pools. They weren’t formally booked in but the organisers rounded them up. Because the hotel is well contained we were able to let the kids have a bit of freedom helped by them being familiar with the surroundings. It’s hard to know what is safe and not but we felt comfortable letting them out for short periods of time to hunt for cats or get a lemonade form the bar.
Review | Hotel Costa Calero, Lanzarote
We had great plans to explore the island and eat in different places as we had indulged ourselves with great plans form reading these blog posts but alas we settled for a quiet life and no coach trips and happy kids. If you are more adventurous here are some excellent suggestions from Extraordinary Chaos.
Review | Hotel Costa Calero, Lanzarote
We joined in bingo every day which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. We also received a complimentary spa voucher from Hotel Costa Calero for us all to have a little treat. There was archery and volleyball and pistol shooting as well as exercise classes and aqua aerobics. There were a lot of enthusiastic looking cyclist expending calories, but the gym was adequate for the grownups to work off the lovely food without getting saddlesore or sunburnt. Lara and I had a spa treat. I had a wonderful massage and Lara chose a chocolate experience which left her looking a little like a chocolate eclair in a carrier bag but was fun. There is a marina just a short walk away where there are a selection of restaurants if you fancy a change but the hotel food choices are more than adequate .
Review | Hotel Costa Calero, Lanzarote

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Overall Hotel Costa Calero is a clean, peaceful, family friendly hotel with lovely food and staff. I have no complaints at all. Except maybe that the kids were sad to leave their adopted ginger cat behind. Even if he did have fleas and they only bit me! The kids are already begging to go back.

Here is their little video:


 Hotel Costa Calero, Lanzarote
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Wednesday 28th of February 2018

oh wow... These are really very cool pictures. Thanks for sharing this post.


Saturday 24th of February 2018

It was lovely. So quiet and very happy children!


Friday 23rd of February 2018

Looks like a great place to stay, it seems to have everything that you need without being over busy.

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