The Perfect Holiday Gone Wrong: What to do When Bad Weather Strikes

The Perfect Holiday Gone Wrong: What to do When Bad Weather Strikes

Sun, sea, sand, and sightseeing… the 4 essentials to many great family getaways. Unfortunately, these are also 4 things that aren’t always quite so enjoyable in the pouring rain! While Britain may well have a reputation when it comes to bad weather, even the sunniest of shores can turn grey, wet, and pretty miserable-looking at times, too. So what happens to your family holiday when bad weather strikes?

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Should you all stay holed up in your hotel room? No way! There are many ways to experience the sights, the sounds, the food, and the culture of your destination, even in the rain… as long as you’re organised. You never know… an imperfect family holiday may well turn out to the the most perfect holiday of all!

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Here are some great ideas for preparing for — and enjoying! — a holiday washout:

Pack Strategically

 If there’s bad weather forecast, you want peace of mind that you’re kitted out for the worst of it… but you also don’t want to be taking up space in your suitcase with big thick coats and chunky jumpers. The solution? Layers. Rather than packing warm clothing that’s quite bulky, pack thinner items that can be layered on top of each other to keep away any chills. And when it comes to rain, a few spare pairs of socks, a plastic poncho, and a handy travel-sized umbrella will do the trick. If you need to buy anything new, you can keep the cost of clothing and other travel essentials down by using this £10 Studio coupon; the code is valid on a £80 minimum purchase. If you can’t reach the £80 minimum spend to take advantage of this promotion, try to make a group order with your family or your friends.

The Perfect Holiday Gone Wrong: What to do When Bad Weather Strikes

Check Out Indoor Activities

 Before heading off on holiday, it’s a good idea to have a look what sorts of indoor activities are available at your destination, especially if bad weather is forecast. It’s always worthwhile having a backup plan! Look for attractions such as children’s museums and hands-on science museums that will keep the little ones entertained, aquariums, public libraries, and big indoor shopping centres and malls which may have some activities or play areas for kids. Depending on your destination, there may also be observation decks inside tall buildings and skyscrapers where you can enjoy great views without getting wet!

Explore Your Hotel

For many of us, one of the most important parts of booking a holiday is finding a fantastic hotel. Sadly, most of us never actually get the time to see much of the hotel because we’re always out and about! So don’t view bad weather as a dampener…. View it as an opportunity to explore your hotel. Whether it’s spending time in the indoor swimming pool or relaxing in the bubbling jacuzzi while the little ones are making crafts at the on-site kids club, challenging each other in the games room, checking out the views from the public spaces, or enjoying lunch at the restaurant, you’ll always find there’s something to do.

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Take a Tour

 If you really want to experience the sights of your destination without trogging around in the rain, consider taking a bus tour (sitting in the covered section of the bus, of course!). Many cities all around the world have some form of ‘hop on, hop off’ bus which allows you to travel to major attractions, only getting off if and when you want to. In bad weather, this means you can stay on the bus for the whole route, seeing the sights from your warm, dry seat. As an extra bonus, if you’re holidaying in Venice, the Venetian version isn’t a bus — it’s a boat! It’s a great way to explore the canals of this famous city.

Follow the Sun

 Unless you’re staying somewhere very remote and isolated, there’s no need to stay at your destination when it’s raining. Why not check the forecasts for the surrounding areas and see if the sun is showing its face somewhere nearby? If you’ve got a hire car, it’s easy to zoom off at a moment’s notice. If not, keep an eye on the forecast and try to plan a day in advance if you’re planning to use public transport. The local tourism office may have leaflets with train or bus timetables, or you could always ask for recommendations from the staff at your hotel who may know of quick and easy ways to get around.

 …and if all that fails…..

GET WET! If you were planning to go to the beach and swim in the sea on your family holiday, you were planning to get wet anyway! Rain can certainly keep the crowds away from the beaches, so you’ll be able to enjoy a quieter, more peaceful time, and there’s an opportunity to take some very striking and dramatic photographs, too. Get wet, splash in puddles, and enjoy your getaway… it’s what it’s all about.

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