Seashell Robe Review

Seashell Robe Review

She wears Seashell on the seashore,  

She wears Seashell on the school run. 

She wears Seashell at Cross Country, 

She wears Seashell at parkrun. 

In fact, she wears Seashell everywhere! The Seashell robe came into my life in early September, and I’ve worn it approximately 482 times already. It is 100% waterproof and windproof whilst the inner is Sherpa fleece lined. Initially, I thought it would be really handy to keep me dry and warm when watching my daughters with all of their outdoor activities. What I hadn’t appreciated was just how perfect it was for everyday life. I’m often laden with several items of kit meaning that an umbrella isn’t practical, and I have sacrificed freshly washed hair many times before. No more! School drop off was a breeze. With lunch boxes, ukuleles, school bags and more in torrential rain might make that hard to believe but I made it to work not a frizz in sight.  

There are lots of dry robe style robes available at present, but I especially love that the colour is muted. It feels appropriate whether I’m heading to an off-site meeting or training, as well as being at the side of the football pitch, encouraging children at cross country and my favourite – volunteering at parkrun. As Event Director at our junior event, I’m there whatever the weather. Our event is coastal so we are very much exposed to the elements, and it can certainly get windy! My robe has a zipped internal pocket to keep valuables safe and two zipped fleece pockets which are perfect to keep my hands warm when I’m not clapping and cheering children along the parkrun course. They’re also excellent for storing paraphernalia such as whistles, finish tokens and the emergency phone.  

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I can’t express how impressed I am with the quality of this robe, and I don’t quite know why I accepted life without it given that myself and my children are such outdoor enthusiasts. The versatility is the biggest wow factor for me. It isn’t just a changing robe; it is so much more. Thankfully, it’s completely machine washable (although, it isn’t intended to be washed on a regular basis). 

Let’s get to the cost. This robe is £125.00 so it isn’t the cheapest Dry Robe alternative, but it by far isn’t the most expensive and in all honesty, it is my absolute favourite. I own many items of clothing and multiple coats, yet I’ve never had so many compliments or keen questions about this robe and I’m able to sing its praises with ease.  

Seashell Robe Review

Shout out to Seashell from the pup. My dog, Marshmallow, says thanks! He’s very grateful for getting his wind-shy mama outdoors no matter what.  

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