WOW Park Billund – An Amusement Park

WOW Park Billund - An Amusement Park

The best way I can describe Wow Park Billund to UK families is that it is like a cross between the best tree top nets course, a brilliant adventure playground and an epic day at Forest School!  If you are spending some time in Billund, you need to go!  It is an absolute must!

Just a short taxi ride or drive (about 10 mins) from Billund Centre, Wow Park provides both adults and children with the opportunity to be challenged and emersed in the outdoors, exploring everything from giant Tarzan swings, high-hanging suspension bridges, epic slides, and underground caves.  There is also an opportunity to splash about in Water World or make something in the creative workshop to take home with you, however we got a bit distracted by The Giant!  More about that later!

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As you enter Wow Park, you pay a one-off price of about £30 per person to enter (anyone above 3 years pays this price), the price is slightly cheaper (around £25) if you buy online in advance.  This price covers your access to all activities for the day, unless you want to pay to buy some marshmallows to toast or popcorn to make on one of the free access campfires near the entrance.  There are also the most amazing toilets I have ever seen up at the entrance area (it was like entering into something you would see in The Hobbit!) as well as a café (which opened from lunchtime on the day we arrived) and a workshop (again, you can pay a small amount to have access to glue for the glue guns!).  The café seemed to have a bit more of a limited menu on the day we visited (home made pizza was the only choice) but it appeared to have a more substantial menu on offer on other days or you can take your own food and even cook it over the campfire or use one of their BBQs.

Wow Park is split into coloured zones to help you navigate your way around.  It is accessible by push chair, or you can hire (for around £5) a wagon from the entrance to cart around either your small children or your ‘stuff’.   There are opportunities for climbing and exploring in every direction, so we just let the children lead and followed behind!  Our first adventure was a climbing net and bridge with the net taking the children right up into the treetops – the nets are enclosed and so safe to climb, I was immediately impressed at how adventurous the children were, and how brave they were getting all the way to the top straight away!  We then went off in search of the nets – these are brilliant, but exhausting!  Huge bouncy nets suspended between the trees with giant balls to play about with; we spent a while playing games and of course, trying to knock each other over with the giant balls!

After the nets, we headed to the giant swings but found a huge water pillow on the way.  This was brilliant fun and it was made even better by the handy hammocks nearby which were well placed for parents to swing in while the children ran up and down the pillow!

The swings were brilliant – a series of rope swings over a large hollow and suitable for both parents and children, it was great to be able to play along with the children and we tried out a couple of different swings before heading over to have lunch.  A great surprise on the way was the resident goats and…the baby goats!  You are encouraged to feed the goats with grass, and there is plenty of grass to choose from!  It took me a while to persuade the children away from here and to go and eat, the baby goats were adorable!

After lunch, it was time for The Giant.  This is the main attraction at Wow Park and contains Scandinavia’s highest free fall slide!  When you arrive, you are encouraged to grab a sack and try out all three slides.  The 40m Forest Race, a racing slide, where you can slide down with a group, a 33m spiral slide and the epic free fall slide ‘the lightning’ sitting at a massive 60m.  The smaller slides can be accessed by anyone over 6 years old on their own or between 4 and 6 years old if accompanied by an adult.  The lightning can only be accessed by children over 7 years old.  We started off with the smallest slide and worked our way up…I was happy to join with the racing slide but left the children to the others!  The slides are accessed by a series of staircases in a tower and the view as you go up is great!  The lightning took a bit of time to build up to but after spending quite a while going up and down the slides, we had The Giant to ourselves which meant our teenager could spend her time working up the courage to slide down, which she did, several times in quick succession in the end!  One for the more adventurous!

If visiting, make sure you are wearing clothes you are prepared to get grubby and sensible shoes to help with all that climbing and scrambling. I would also advise wearing long sleeved tops and long trousers, we got a few friction burns from the slides which would have been prevented in long sleeved tops…There was also only one set of toilets at the entrance so make sure you time your visits and remember it is a bit of a walk back if you have younger ones! There are handy maps available at the entrance and I would recommend you have one of these at hand. We had a quick look at the start, made sure we knew what we didn’t want to miss out on and kept referring to it.  The only thing was that on our visit, The Giant had only just opened so this wasn’t on the map, we just had to work that one out!  The park is open from 10am till 5pm and it is a full day out.  We spent the whole day there and didn’t manage to get everything in!  If we lived anywhere near, we would certainly be getting ourselves an annual pass!

I really can’t recommend Wow Park enough; it was a great opportunity to spend the day as a family playing and exploring together.  It is also a great change of pace if you are in Billund visiting Legoland and Lego House.  It seems to be a bit unknown amongst those visiting from the UK, we mentioned we were going to a few families we met while over there and they immediately looked it up and booked having not realised the park existed, so if you go to Billund, make sure you don’t miss out!

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