Easy Festival Make Up Ideas

Easy Festival Make Up Ideas

So apparently a festival beauty routine is a thing! There are countless articles written about it. To be honest whenever I’ve been camping before make up doesn’t feature very highly at all never mind as an actual routine! But apparently festival camping is different and you might need an easy make up routine!

Well here is my Festival Make Up Routine/Well the cheats version anyway!
It’s tried and tested and I’m pretty sure that save for some glitter eye shadow if I bump into Caro from the Twinkle Diaries I’m not sure I’ll be budging from it too far!
So what do you think of my easy festival make up ideas !?!

1] Wet Wipes – Easy festival make up idea

This is basically my skin care/shower/washing routine for the full weekend. They will also be used for cleaning plates, wiping kids hands and anything else you can think of.

2] Batiste Dry Shampoo – Easy festival make up idea

There won’t be any shampooing going on even if I brave the showers in the festival camp. So dry shampoo it will have to be. If it doesn’t work then it will be time for item 3.

3] Hat – Easy festival make up idea

I’ve bought a new hat and I think I’m going to live in it on the premise that it’s going to be too sunny, or for other festivals too rainy – but I think the hat will cover all bad hair days.

Easy Festival Make Up Ideas

4] Sunglasses – Easy festival make up idea

Crazy big sunglasses combined with the hat above will basically mean that you won’t be able to see much, if any of my face meaning that Festival Make Up won’t really be necessary.

Easy Festival Make Up Ideas

5] Tinted Moisturiser – Easy festival make up idea

My one concession to actual make up! Tinted moisturiser with SPF in, I actually love this Green People one.

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Easy Festival Make Up Idea

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