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Childhood Memories in Abergele

Childhood Memories in Abergele

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Where did you holiday when you were little? If you were anything like me your holidays involved rock and sandy beaches, not hummus and sailing like my girls. I have fond memories of caravans and chalets; long car journeys and ferries; rain and freezing cold beach days huddles behind a wind break on an Atlantic Coast beach.

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For me the holiday I remember the most isn’t a one off holiday, it is a combination of trips.  My Grandparents had a house in Abergele, North Wales where they eventually moved, so we spent many many weekends and holidays down there over a number of years and months.


I remember the amusement arcade, that is just the same now as it was back then (save for the chain smoking takes place outside) with its bingo tables and slot machines.

I remember the two pence machines where the money had to tip over the edge, the ones you played until you didn’t have any coins left in your hands.

I remember the ten pence machines which we weren’t allowed to play as we would lose too much money.

I remember the small funfair with a huge bumpy slide where you sat on mats to go down. I remember always wanting to go on again.

I remember my Dad and my Grandad skimming stones in the sea and us kids running in and out of the freezing cold sea but laughing.

I remember cousins and aunties and uncles all crowding round the one table for tea and working out who was going to sleep where.


I remember card games like Gin Rummy, Queenie, Seven of Diamonds and betting with matches or pennies from the penny jar.

I remember the beach huts that were no longer on the beach but the stories about the fact that my Dad used to make money working on them when he was a kid.

I remember the cafe on the beach and the caravan park at the side of the beach where we never needed to stay because we had Gran and Grandads.

I remember smiling and eating chips and staying up late.

I remember thinking this was what holidays were about.

What do you remember?

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