Cheeky Elf Academy – Top 10 Cheeky Tricks for Keeping the Magic of Christmas Alive

Santa's Christmas Party at the Cunard Building, Liverpool

So we are nearly there! It’s nearly time for the kids to finish school (some of yours will have done so already) and it’s nearly actual Christmas.

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We love Christmas here at Mini Travellers, so much so that we spent last Christmas Day with Santa in Lapland!

20 Top Tips for Visiting Lapland

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This year, whilst not in Lapland,  I have been lucky enough to have been invited by Thorntons to become part of the Thorntons Cheeky Elf Academy Campaign which involves some crafty ideas to keep the magic of Christmas alive. Now if any of you ave been reading this blog for a while you will know that we aren’t renowned here at Mini Travellers for our craft posts, Christmas or otherwise.  In fact if you’re looking for fabulous Christmas craft posts I’d pop over to have a look at Twinkle Diaries, The Ordinary Lovely, Extraordinary Chaos and Rainy Day Mum who all have some amazing Christmas craft content going on, but what we are amazing at it has to be said is Keeping the Magic of Christmas alive.

We do this by preparing for Christmas with lots of lovely Christmas days out and sharing those with you.

We have round ups of

Patomimes to see across the UK (these are great for the in-between Christmas and New Year time time too)

Best Places to see Santa in the UK

Best Theme Parks to Visit at Christmas

BUT  Thorntons Cheeky Elf Academy have created their very own  Top 10 Cheeky Tricks which will help parents keep the magic of Christmas alive in the run up to Christmas Day too. These are:

  • Craftily create a Santa costume
  • Create video content of Santa arriving
  • Send letters from Lapland
Letter from Santa
Mine receiving their Santa letters
  • Fake a phone call from Santa (we always use Portable North Pole)
  • Show Santa’s snowy footprints in your home (We’ve actually done this before and not been able to get the snowy footprints off the step – ooops)
  • Recreate Santa’s sounds landing on the roof
  • Leave a nibbled festive feast
Christmas Eve
We have some lovely plates on which to place a carrot, a drink and a mince pie!
  • Following Santa’s 24 hour journey
  • ‘Naughty’ or ‘Nice’ checklist
  • Hide your Thorntons Cheeky Elf

The Thorntons Cheeky Elf is the newest and easily the most mischievous of all the elves.  He’s better than the elves that hide around the house and move late at night when the kids are asleep, because he’s not only magical, he is chocolate!  The Thorntons Cheeky Elf is expertly crafted using delicious milk chocolate and includes intricate details such as a white chocolate collar and striped trousers, all finished with a cheeky smile.  He would make a perfect gift or thoughtful stocking filler for the family this Christmas at only £5.00 (200g) and available to buy from all major supermarkets!  Get your shopping order changed if you’ve already booked it or add it to your list!

Even better why not get one early, hide him and let the kids find him! I did that yesterday and no-one has found him yet – can you work out from this riddle why no-one has found the location or even understands what it does……

I get filled with water but I’m not a drinking glass
I spin but I’m not a propeller
I clean things but I’m not a janitor
I’m a household appliance but I’m not a dishwasher
I have clothes put in me but I’m not a wardrobe

He might still be there in the New Year and then I can have him!

I’ hopefully signing off for Christmas now so have the most wonderful Christmas  – oh and don’t forget to to set the record button to watch this year’s Julia Donaldson Christmas Special in form of Zog which will be on BBC1 on Christmas day!

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