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At Center Parcs, local family and friends are welcome to join you on your break – all you need to do is pre-book their special Visitor Passes. It’s an absolute joy to invite friends or family to join you for a day of your summer holidays or Winter Wonderland Weekend.  But are they worth it? What are other people’s thoughts on day passes, and how much do Center Parcs day passes cost?

Center Parcs is a European chain of holiday resorts that offer a wide range of recreational and leisure activities in natural settings. These resorts are typically located in forested areas or near bodies of water, providing guests with outdoor activities and relaxation opportunities.

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The Center Parcs concept originated in the Netherlands and has since expanded to several other European countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Ireland.

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Where Do Centre Parcs Have Villages In The UK

Center Parcs has several holiday villages in the United Kingdom, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty and recreational activities.

  1. Sherwood Forest: Located in Nottinghamshire, Sherwood Forest was the first Center Parcs village in the UK. It is set in a 400-acre woodland and features a large lake where guests can engage in various water sports activities. There are also cycling trails, an indoor subtropical swimming paradise, and various accommodation options.
  2. Elveden Forest: Situated in Suffolk, Elveden Forest is surrounded by a pine forest. Activities here include boating, golf, and nature walks. Like other Center Parcs locations, it has an indoor subtropical swimming paradise and various dining options.
  3. Longleat: This village is near Wiltshire’s famous Longleat Safari Park. Guests can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, visit the safari park, and take part in various activities, including tree trekking and archery.
  4. Whinfell Forest: Situated in Cumbria, Whinfell Forest offers guests the chance to explore the Lake District National Park, which is nearby. Activities range from adventure golf to spa treatments, and the village features an impressive indoor sports complex.
  5. Woburn Forest: Located in Bedfordshire, Woburn Forest is set within a beautiful forest landscape. Activities include treetop adventures, pottery painting, and Segway tours. The village also has an Aqua Sana Spa for relaxation.

Center Parcs Day Passes, What You Need to Know

How Much do Center Parcs Day Passes Cost?

You can pay to be day guests of friends/family staying at center parcs. The current weekend prices for day pass prices for Center Parcs day passes (as of 17th September 2023) are Guest 12+ £47, children £36 Under 3’s FREE

For a group of 4, a Center Parcs day pass is £156.

Please ensure your visitors have a copy of your booking reference when they arrive at the village for easy arrival.

Or Book a Spa Day

If you are planning to book a spa treatment then opt for a spa day, you dont need a day pass for these as its inlcuded in the price. 

  • Access to the spa and all spa experiences from 9am – 5pm
  • Lunch in the Vitalé Café Bar 
  • Refreshments on arrival
  • Treatments and treatmnet pacakges are extra.

The Ultimate Family Guide to Center Parcs

What Does a Center Parcs Day Pass Include?

The day pass includes entry to the park and free parking in the main car park. You will need to display a ticket in your window. Guests also have free use of these activities and amenities on-site. 

  • The tropical swimming paradise, wave pool, slides and lockers in the locker room (Take your own towels)
  • The Beach 
  • Woodland Walks 
  • Adventure Playground
  • Chill in the recreation areas 
  • Take a bike and go cycling. 

Day pass guests can also book activities at an additional fee such as;

  •  Tree trekking
  • Climbing
  • Animal encounters
  • Pony Riding 
  • Santa Pony Rides and Santa Visits in December
  • Boat Rides on the lake at the Boathouse.
Day passes at Center parcs

When is the Best Day to Invite Guests with a Day Ticket

We suggest avoiding chaotic changeover days, so Monday and Friday are best avoided. The park is bustling with excited families arriving or leaving on the last day of their holiday, its busy with cars back and forth from the guest parking are to the village.

To get the best of the day pass go when the chaos has calmed and the village is tranquil and enjoyable for long walks and leisurely lunches at your favourite restaurant. 

How Do you Invite Guests to Center Parcs

Simply log into your dashboard and you can find the option in bookable activties.

Tips to get Around Center Parcs Day Pass Cost!

If you’ve got spare beds in the lodge, put them down as a guests for the week/weekend and then you won’t have to pay for that person. If you don’t have the spare beds, you’ll either have to meet your friends and family off-site or pay the fees.

How Long are Center Parcs Day Passes Valid?

Center Parcs day passes are valid from 10 am to midnight.

Can Anyone Buy a Center Parcs Day Pass?

No, not anyone can buy a Center Parcs day pass; you can only buy them if you have friends or family staying on site, and you can attach them to an accommodation booking. There are also limited spaces available. If booking the group of four option, at least one adult over 18 in the party.

Guests found to be actively selling day visitor passes on social media or other channels will be asked to leave the village without a refund

Can You Bring Animals Into Center Parcs When Using A Day Pass?

No – animals cannot be brought into the village using a day pass.

Why would you buy a Center Parcs day pass?

So you can join friends and family in the activities and adventures during the day – if you intend to use the swimming pool for most of the day, this can be worth doing. Alternatively, you are also able to book activities and dining at the village’s multiple restaurants. 

Why Would You Buy a Center Parcs Day Pass?

So you can join friends and family in the activities and adventures during the day – if you intend to use the swimming pool for most of the day, this can be worth doing. Alternatively, you can book activities and dine at the village’s multiple restaurants.

Are Center Parcs day passes popular?

Center Parcs day passes are not popular with everyone. Tripadvisor has numerous reviews like this one, with people complaining about how they bump up the number of people on site.


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