Ultimate Family Guide To Center Parcs

Why Center Parcs Isn’t Just For The Summer Months

For families looking for a mini adventure away, Center Parcs in the UK is the ultimate holiday destination. Suitable for kids of all ages and even multi-generational ages, a visit to Center Parcs is almost like a right of passage when you become a parent. We’ve been to Center Parcs a few times with our three children and we find its a place that can be visited all year around, no matter what the weather is like.

If you’re considering a break to Center Parcs with your family, then this post is for you. We’ve rounded up the best tips, tricks and Center Parcs resorts to make choosing and planning your family holiday a lot easier. Here’s our…

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Ultimate Guide to Center Parcs

If you’re planning a family break to Center Parcs, you’re probably wondering which time of year is best to book for.

Best Time Of Year To Go To Center Parcs

We’ve broken down Center Parcs month by month, so you can see which time of year is best suited to your family and so you can see when the Parcs are quieter, busier and which activities are on throughout the different seasons:

If you tend to book your holidays around what the weather is doing, we will also add that Center Parcs is still a lot of fun, even in the rainier and colder seasons. In fact we’ve written all about how you can enjoy a rainy family weekend at Center Parcs here:

Ultimate Guide To Center Parcs - Rainy

Center Parcs In Winter

One of our favourite things about Center Parcs, is that it’s even fun in Winter! Center Parcs gets turned into a winter wonderland and there are so many activities for your family to take part in, even when the weather is bad. Our really good friend Jess from ‘Mummy Of Boy Girl Twins’ wrote all about her family adventures to Center Parcs in winter for us. You can read her review here:

  • Winter Wonderland at Center Parcs Whinfell

We also went on our very own winter escape to Center Parcs and had the most magical pre-Christmas adventure with our three girls. You can read our review of Center Parcs in winter here:

Ultimate Family Guide To Center Parcs

Which Center Parcs To Go To

There are lots of wonderful Center Parc resorts to choose from. So, which one do you go for? We have a few handy reviews for you to read. The first is a review of Woburn Forest. Tracey, from the lovely blog ‘Williams World’ visited with her daughter and shared her review with us here:

The second is another guest review, this time from a lovely UK family blogger called Stephanie. Stephanie blogs at Renovation Bay-Bee and her three children went on an adventure to Sherwood Forest:

  • Center Parcs at Sherwood Forest

Finally we have a a review of a fun-filled, multi-generational holiday to Winfell Forest by our regular guest contributor Emily:

Top Tips For Holidaying in Center Parcs

Before you decide to book your Center Parcs escape, we’d love to share with you a few things you may not know about Center Parcs. That way you can learn more about the resorts and plan for the best family holiday:

Ultimate Guide To Center Parcs - Rainy

Activities At Center Parcs

Center Parcs is so attractive to families because of all the activities there is to do. There are lots of indoor based activities, including fantastic family friendly swimming pools. But, some of our favourite activities are more outdoors based. From bike riding, to family walks, to den building and decorating there is always so much for your family to take part in. Here’s a little review of some of the more hands on activities that are suitable for kids of all ages:

Center Parcs On A Budget

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about the cost of a Center Parcs holiday, don’t be put off. It really is possible to do Center Parcs on a budget. If you wanted a weekend away but didn’t want to spend too much, then this post is for you:

Ultimate Guide To Center Parcs - Rainy

Is Center Parcs for you?

Center Parcs isn’t for everyone. If you’re still not sure if Center Parcs is right for your family then we have two posts that will help you make that decision. The first post is a very honest post from Emma, a regular contributor of Mini Travellers:

The second post is our very first review of a family trip to Center Parcs, what we really thought and how we spent our time:

Center Parcs Alternatives

If Center Parcs is a little bit too far away for you or you’re looking for a more budget friendly location, then the UK does have many other beautiful, Center Parcs alternatives such as Bluestone in Wales and Ribby Hall in Lancashire.

You can find our full list of recommendations in our post:

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The Ultimate Family Guide To Center Parcs

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