Waterbom Bali: A review


Waterbom Bali has won the title of “Asia’s no.1 waterpark” for 8 years in a row.

Asia is an enormous place, with lots of water parks, so would it live up to our expectations?

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In a word – yes.

In fact, my husband and I both said to each other throughout the course of the day “this is the best waterpark I’ve ever been to”. But why?

Three main reasons: the rides, the chilled-out vibe and the staff.

The rides

There are 26 slides at Waterbom Bali, ranging from gentle rides, to the most extreme waterslides I’ve ever seen.

While waiting for my husband to ride one of the bigger sides I watched people on the “climax”. I could see that they started on a platform above a near vertical drop; after a countdown the floor dropped beneath them. What I witnessed next however, was astonishing. They didn’t just come down the chute, but it appeared that they came down the shoot and then back up, defying gravity in a waterslide loop-the-loop. Not believing what I was seeing, I asked the life guard if they were actually sliding up a water slide – he laughed and pointed to a picture which showed that the climax does in fact have an inverted loop and they go so fast that they do defy gravity.

Did I dare go on it? Absolutely not.

But for thrill seekers, Waterbom Bali has plenty of terrifying rides like this.

There are also gentle rides like the lazy river and moderate rides that children over 100cm or 122cm can go on.

My favourite type of slides are any with a rubber dingy, especially rides where I can ride with someone else in my family and share the experience. In Waterbom Bali there are 6 slides like this, which is far more than I’ve ever seen in a single water park. Usually they are very popular and you have to queue for a long time – in Waterbom Bali the maximum time we had to wait for a ride was 10 minutes, but often we could just hop straight on. We visited on a weekday in April. Waiting times on a weekend in August may be longer I imagine. I would definitely recommend going on a week day off season if you can manage it, but if not, there are so many attractions at Waterbom Bali that I can’t imagine your wait times will be too long. 

Chilled out vibes

Waterbom Bali is located on 12 acres of lush greenery. When they built the park they built the slides around the existing plant life, conserving 50% of the flora and fauna including various endangered species. The result is a waterpark surrounded by tropical plants, making it feel like you are in a jungle paradise, and sheltered by plenty of shade. At a daily average temperature of 27° in Bali, this is good news! I recommend wearing long sleeved UV tops so you don’t need to interrupt your fun to keep topping up the suncream.

As well as the tropical plant life (did I mention that we spotted bananas and coconuts growing on the trees while we pottered round the lazy river?), there is just a lovely chilled out vibe in Waterbom Bali. There’s several different pools with the sound of running water and great music, gazebos that you can hire and a swim-up bar.

The staff

The Balinese people are so helpful and kind across the board – in hotels, restaurants, taxi drivers etc, you will find their warmth makes your holiday. But the customer service in Waterbom Bali was exceptional, honestly I felt like royalty! One example of this was at lunch time. There are lots of reasonably priced restaurants in the waterpark, serving a mixture of international and Indonesian food. We wanted to eat in a restaurant near to the Lagoon Pool, because it was close to some water slides that only our eldest child (aged 9, over 122cm) could go on. Our middle child (aged 7, only 120cm tall) was feeling a bit grumpy and sad about being too short to go on these particular rides. He also really, really craved a hot dog. When we queried if we could get a hot dog at our particular restaurant, they said that they didn’t serve them but they could get it delivered to us from a restaurant at the other side of the waterpark! You wouldn’t get that sort of service in the UK, that’s for sure. When our son was able to get his belly filled, his mood definitely improved.

Another example was the professional photographers – they did a brilliant job of capturing our family, and would even take photo requests and accompany us to different parts of the park. There was no obligation to buy, but at £25 for digital copies of what was essentially a private professional photography session, it was a no brainer for us. There was a large team of photographers at Waterbom Bali, but during peak season they may not be able to be quite so attentive, although I’m sure the service would still be excellent.

On site there are several spas – so if you fancy a massage or pedicure during your time in Waterbom Bali then that can be arranged on the day at a competitive price.


Waterbom Bali is seeking to become carbon neutral by 2033. As a result it has already installed 360 solar panels to provide for some of it’s energy usage; all the water is circulated in a closed-loop circulation system, to reduce water consumption; and 25% of its staff have switched to electric motorbikes for their daily commute.  

It’s expanding

Funtastic is a great splash park in Waterbom Bali, with children in mind – it has 8 waterslides, watercannons and giant dump buckets. All 3 of our children enjoyed it (aged 9, 7 and 5) and there was plenty for them to do there. However, we noticed big signs saying that Waterbom Bali are expanding – we caught a glimpse of a new children’s area being built which looks even bigger and better!


Waterbom Bali is located in Kuta, Bali.

It is open between 9am-6pm daily.

Purchases on site for food/ spa treatments / flow rider / trampolines etc can be done using a cashless writband. You buy in-park credit as you enter the park and get a refund at the end for any money you don’t spend.  


At the current exchange rates, online adult day passes cost £24 and children (2-11 year olds) cost £18.

A family pass for 2 adults and 2 children costs £78

I advise booking online, as you save 15% on the ticket price, and get to skip the queues on arrival.

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