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Chicco Lullago Travel Crib
We took our 5 week old baby to Spain last week! “What!” Everyone said, “you must be mad!”, but in actual fact a new born is pretty easy to travel with, especially if you are breast feeding and don’t have to worry about preparing bottles, because they sleep a lot of the time! Much easier than a toddler or even my 4year old! What they are going to sleep in is generally the biggest issue as you cannot take the Moses basket or in my case, a wooden rocking crib! I also think a new born is too small for the standard playpen style travel cots.
This is where the Chicco Lullago Travel Crib seemed ideal. When traveling abroad it counts as 1 item of baggage on the plane, which was fine for us as we were travelling with BA and so both our children had a baggage allowance and only needed one bag between them, a new borns clothes don’t take up much room! Plus we were staying at a villa that had a washing machine! It was checked in with our car seats. It comes in a bag with a strap so is easy to transport. It is probably the size of a carry on bag when folded away and our only concern was that the bag the crib is in is quite thin and so had the potential to get easily ripped. However it stood the test of two plane journeys.

The crib itself is very easy to put together. The frame and the mattress simply unfold and then you slot each of the four legs in place. It takes seconds. To look at I don’t think you would even know that it is a travel crib, the style and size look like a normal crib.The crib fits neatly beside the bed as it is the width of an average bedside table, and baby is then level with the bed. There is a see-through mesh on the crib so you can lay in bed and see your baby in the crib.

Our baby slept very well in it. It has a bit of flexibility to it so that you can slightly rock it which was good for our new born! It can be used up to 6 months. We put a mosquito net over the top just to be on the safe side and rolled towels up alongside baby so she felt snug.

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I already have a crib from my first child but I would be happy to use this crib all the time at home. It is sturdy and comfortable enough to be used daily with the added benefit that you can take it anywhere. At £80 it is extremely good value for money if used on a daily basis and as a travel cot. With our first child we always used the carry cot from our pushchair when away from home, which is not ideal and we were never really happy with.

I love this crib. It is easy to use, comfortable and portable. It means you can easily travel abroad, or just stay with friends or family for the night and not worry about whether your baby will be happy with new sleeping arrangements. It is definitely coming to America with us next week!

NB: This is a guest post by Helen. Helen was sent the crib to review but all views and opinions are her own.

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  1. How did you get in checking in the crib when the travel bag doesn’t zip closed? Don’t the contents, especially the legs, fall out en route with baggage handlers etc?


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