Walking With Dragons: Taking A Trip to Indonesia With Children

Walking With Dragons: Taking A Trip to Indonesia With Children

From kayaking deep into the lush, tropical jungle to hiking up the side of a semi-active volcano, Indonesia offers travellers the opportunity to enjoy some incredible experiences. While there is plenty for adults to enjoy, it’s an absolute paradise for children with the chance to explore and discover some of the most naturally beautiful corners of the world.

However, Indonesia isn’t just an attractive landscape; it’s also home to some of the rarest wildlife found on the planet. This includes the fascinating Komodo dragons, which live in their natural habitat on Komodo. Taking a trip to Komodo, including a walking tour to see the dragons, is possible with children providing they’re able to keep quiet if needed and can walk for 45 minutes or more. A holiday in Indonesia is a culturally rich experience packed full of exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy. Here’s a look at what to expect.

All About the Komodo Dragon

Walking With Dragons: Taking A Trip to Indonesia With Children

There’s so much to see and do in Indonesia but the Komodo dragons really are the stars of the show. The largest and heaviest lizard in the world at three meters long, Komodo dragons are part of the monitor lizard family.

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Unlike the vast majority of lizards, Komodo dragons have a poisonous bite so anyone visiting the area must have a guide. They live in the tropical forests of a few selected islands in Indonesia, but range all over their territory, including down to the beach.

They have excellent vision but can’t see stationary objects quite as well as moving targets. Their hearing isn’t perfect either as they can’t detect high-pitched screams or low voices.

With an enormous forked tongue and thick, scaly body, the Komodo dragon really does look just like a living dinosaur! Getting up close and personal with one of these magnificent creatures is truly a sight to behold, and an experience you and your children won’t forget in a hurry. Much bigger in real life than you see on the television or in books, these dragons are huge lizards and can move at an extraordinary pace.

See Komodos Up Close

While it’s important to emphasize that Komodo dragons can be dangerous, with a guided tour you won’t be at risk. Guides have the necessary equipment to fend off a dragon if they get too close, but even that is an unlikely occurrence.

By following the instructions of your guide, you’ll have the opportunity to show your children the amazing beauty of wild Komodo dragons in a perfectly safe setting. The Komodo dragons are found on the island of Komodo, and a couple of other Indonesian islands within the Komodo National Park. It’s not permitted to go for a walk without being accompanied by a guide; this is to ensure the safety of both visitors and wildlife alike.

As long as your child is old enough to be able to stay quiet if directed by the ranger, and to walk for around 45 minutes (for the short tour) they will have the opportunity to make memories that not many other people will ever have. When you venture outside of your comfort zone to take in the sights and sounds of a foreign culture and exotic creatures, you will be rewarded with experiences like no other, and your children will be exposed to the wider world instead of the regular bubble most can afford.

More Than Just Lizards!

Walking With Dragons: Taking A Trip to Indonesia With Children

While many people decide to visit Indonesia because of the Komodo dragons, the islands offer some of the most spectacular and wild beauty found anywhere on the planet. While on holiday, make sure you spend some time taking part in the many other activities available.

Giant bats, also known as flying foxes, have their home in Indonesia and at sunset seeing hundreds of huge, flapping leathery wings heading into the sky is a true sight to behold. With the dark wings contrasting against the dramatic red sunset, it’s a phenomenal view.

Turn your eyes in the opposite direction and gaze into the crystal-clear waters of the ocean for more majestic creatures. From manta rays to sea turtles, dolphins and colourful coral, the secret marine world of Indonesia is unspoiled and not to be missed. It doesn’t matter if you have young children who cannot scuba dive yet, many of the water activities can be carried out easily with a snorkel and mask in shallower waters.

If all the sight-seeing sounds exhausting, don’t worry as the islands of Indonesia offer the ultimate beach experience too. With soft white sand and gentle turquoise waves, you can take a snooze on the shore while your children have fun in the sea. Life was made for days just like this…

Dare to be Different

Not every family would consider a holiday to Indonesia to walk among the Komodo dragons, but your children will thank you for daring to do something different. The remote beauty of the islands is seductive while the curious appeal of these ancient lizards will ensure this holiday is one that your children remember forever. Take the bold step and at least research the possibility of a far-flung once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Indonesia, broadening your children’s horizons and exposing them to the wonderful wider world.

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