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Travel Tips: Meet & Greet Services at Manchester Airport

Travel Tips: Meet & Greet Services at Manchester Airport

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We always pre-book parking when we travel and have over the years got used to using Meet & Greet when flying with children.

It’s become one of my first travel tips that I pass onto people who are taking their first flight with kids as they usually have far too many bags and barely a spare hand. The last thing you want to do in those circumstances is carry ALL your stuff across the large multi storey at the airport and then wrestle yourselves into a lift, inevitably with a crying child/children!

Thankfully my girls are now pretty well travelled and know how to pull their own bags through an airport as well as some of ours. However when we flew to Rwanda we also flew with 270 rugby balls and 60kg of educational supplies so our luggage was well above the standard!

Travel Tips: Meet & Greet Services at Manchester Airport


Thankfully we had been given complimentary Meet & Greet parking through Looking4Parking and we were dropped off right outside departures.  All we needed to do was to call them 20 minutes before we got to the airport and they were there to collect us when we arrived.  Once the car had been given a quick check over by the driver and we signed the paperwork to say we agreed with the scratches we had on the car (which we do as I drive it!) it was driven away and we could make our way into the airport to check in our bags!

Extra Tip: Book Speedy Security particularly if travelling first thing in the morning. Full post here!

On the return we had a little more difficulty with the Meet & Greet service but this was down to my own inability to listen to instructions than their service.  When you are using Meet & Greet you do need to listen carefully to where the driver tells you he is going to return your car to as it is different depending on the terminal and the company you use.  I still had a lot of bags to carry on the way back ( as we didn’t have £1 for a trolley) and I dragged our bags to totally the wrong place!  10 minutes later and hubby found the right place!  Totally not Meet & Greet’s mistake – just listen carefully even if you’re tired!



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Wednesday 5th of July 2017

Oh this is a great article! Last trip home to Australia we booked parking in Manchester and it was brilliant! We might try the Meet and Greet next time!

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