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Shortly before we came away we were asked if we would like to review the A-Z Magnatab by Kid O. It’s described on the website as “A true sensory lesson for children! Feel the pull of the magnet, hear the clicking of the beads, see the letters forming and gently touch the beads down again for a tactile experience. Using sensory memory children can better retain information, and is an excellent tool for children with learning disabilities. The Magnatab helps to develop fine motor, coordination and language skills and is designed for children to do alone so they become the expert. Unlimited practise to make perfect! It is perfect for travel and to take on trips.”

As it was described as perfect for travel, and for children aged 3+ we thought we’d give it a go.

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Packing new things in the girls bags to keep them entertained on the flight is a top tip of mine when flying with toddlers. Now mine are nearly 5, 4 and 4 I must stop calling them toddlers, but the same principal about entertaining pre-schoolers on a flight applies. Bringing something new always helps.

We were delayed on the Tarmac before we left Manchester so we used the opportunity to try out this new (educational) toy!

The Magnatab is light but substantial, so feels like it will stand the test of time. The idea is that the kids use the magnetic pen and follow the arrows to teach them how to write their letters. The version we were sent was uppercase letters but I can see schools using the lower case letters version to assist chikdrens learning.

Once the kids have had a go at all the letters, you simply rub out the magnets, so they pop back down into the board and you start again.

Here’s a little video of my 4 year old playing with hers for the second time. I managed to delete the aeroplane video!

Initial thoughts are that its quite expensive at £29.99, however it can be re-used over and over and over again. It is also self contained, you can just take this out with you. You don’t need pens or paper. You just need the board. This makes it perfect for the car or the plane, or even the bus or the tube as you don’t need a table to use it on.  Lily really enjoyed playing with it, and her sisters can happily have a go without thinking it has been ‘spoilt’ first. They don’t like the second go at things really.

In summary: A great educational toy for travelling.

NB: We received the A-Z Magnatab in exchange for a review but all views are those of mine and my daughter.

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