Tree Fu Tom Live

Tree Fu Tom Live

I spent May bank holiday Monday morning with two very excited little girls. The littlest was excited because her big cousin was excited. The biggest was excited because we were going to see Tree Fu Tom. LIVE… “Not like at the cinema!”

I’m not well up on anything CBBC at the moment, as we rarely get past CBeebies when channel hopping, however my lovely niece (Big Cousin Vista) filled me in on the way.

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“The naughty Mushas are bad and Tom gets his belt and it glows and you say the words and he wins”

Fabulous… Let’s get this show on the road.

As soon as the lights went down and curtains went up, it wasn’t just the little people that were mesmerised, my sister in law and I were impressed with the music, the set and especially the costumes. They really were a work of art… some larger than others.

Although completely fabulous, Ariela and Squirmtum got some seriously heavy looking costumes. That said, they didn’t look to be struggling at all and it really did add to the magic.

Tree Fu Tom, in a nutshell (geddit?), is a little boy that uses a magic sapstone belt to be able to have adventures with his friends in Treetopolis…

Friends: Twigs, Zigzoo, Ariela, Squirmtum

Foes: The Mushas

Tree Fu Tom is everything I imagined from a Children’s BBC show. Fun, laughter, mild peril and a happy equilibrium.

However, at a few points Tom’s normal actions and magic skills were not enough to overcome the challenges in the form of an unruly lake and a big rock… he needed his friends.The audience was encouraged to get up and copy Tom’s Tree Fu moves to help create ‘Big World Magic’.

Big Cousin Vista thrilled to help and although was a little shy at first, she soon overcame her nerves and scream at the top of her lungs at the stage like every other child there. I was thrilled to be able to scream “THEY’RE BEHIND YOU”!

The girls LOVED every minute. As did all of the other children in the audience. By using audience participation from the onset, all of the children were engaged and joined in with the “funny parts” without prompt.

And hence the Theatre Royal was transformed into a noisy pre-teen paradise!

When I asked Cousin Vista what her favourite part of the show was she said she “liked the dancing and the seeing Tree Fu Tom”. Her favourite character and costume was Ariela, the butterfly.

I asked Little Miss Vista what her favourite part of the show was, she said “… chocolate”…

That aside, both my sister in law and I were impressed that the show managed to have my inquisitive eighteen month old enthralled from the outset. She sat and watched the entirety of the first half without moving… other than to shovel more magic stars into her mouth of course.

Highly recommended by two little ladies and their mummies. If you get chance to go and see Tree Fu Tom LIVE then you must go to see for yourself.

This guest review has been written by Katie who writes her own fabulous blog over at Life on Vista Street. You can expect recipes for yummy cake, funny stories about parenting and life as a working mum, and whole lot of fun.  Katie can also be found tweeting at @LifeonVista.

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